Mea Culpa...and Girly Girl Things

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by Cinthia Hamer

I have one of those jobs that are necessary, but generally, others get rather squeamish when I tell them about it. I’m a blood collector.

Yeah, you read that right…I collect blood…in little vinyl bags.

Sadly, because of car accidents, cancer, etc…there’s a great need for blood and blood components, so people like me must go out and recruit willing swans to come lie down in a chair for a few minutes and let us drain a pint—and hopefully they’ll let us repeat the procedure every fifty-six days.

Between September and June, it seems my work is never done. There have literally been days when I go to work, come home, sleep a few hours, wake up and go to work again.

That doesn’t leave much time for a life—or blogging. But one of my many New Year Resolutions was to be a better blogger.

I’m actually surprised the Fuzzies haven’t taken a vote and kicked me to the curb by now, due to lack of participation!

Mea Culpa, Girls, Mea Maxima Culpa…with chocolate sprinkles!!

So, now that I’ve made my excuses and apologies, let me get on to my actual blog for the week.

Girly Stuff:

Let us start with lingerie…

While in Los Angeles to see my baby graduate from college, (She’s a Registered Nurse!!) she took me to her favorite lingerie shop where I was fitted for a fancy bra by an actual corsetiere. I didn’t even know those existed any longer.

Anyway, I fell in love with Felina Bras. OMG! I never knew I had so much breast! I could now qualify to be a Wench…as one of the foremost qualifications is to be overly well-endowed. Not that I will be going around bestowing wubby’s on unsuspecting men at the local renaissance fair…but still…it’s nice to know I could.

Thongs…okay now don’t scream and run from the room. Hear me out. Granted, there are some that feel as if a rogue sanitary napkin escaped its confines, but the new, thin microfiber ones are a wonder. It literally feels as if you’re wearing nothing. And with some of the clothes I’ve seen worn to conference, the last thing we need is an editor or agent to notice tell-tale VPL’s.

Spanx…every time I put this garment on, I want kiss the feet of the woman who invented them. Not only does it squish the—okay lets just call it what it is—FAT, into a smaller mass so that you can zip that snug pair of pants after the Rita celebration buffet, but because the bodysuit comes up under the bust, it also supports the back.

I wear mine just about every day at work to help alleviate back pain and it’s been a total Godsend.

Next on my Girly-Girl agenda are Hands and Feet:

We use them every day. We walk on them, we bind them up in tight shoes and they get stepped on, stubbed and generally abused. And most of us are guilty of neglecting our feet.

I’m a horrible offender. But recently, fellow Fuzzy, Mary, and I took a Girl’s Day Out and she treated me to a spa pedicure. I’d recently returned from that trip to LA and my feet were in horrible condition, thanks to an impromptu promenade down La Cienega Boulevard in shoes that were never intended for long distance hikes.

Now, despite a case of Canyon Toe (look it up) my feet are shed of unsightly callous, the nails are trimmed properly and painted a sexy scarlet red. Most importantly, they feel good!

Hands. What would we do without them? In my case, they’re my livelihood! So why do we take our hands so much for granted? How many of you are guilty of using your fingernails as screwdrivers? I admit, our hands are wonderful tools, but we should take better care of them.

As I’ve come to that ‘certain age’ in life, I’ve noticed that even if a woman’s had chemical peels, facelifts, Botox, etc…you can often tell her real age by her hands.

Most of us don’t take the time to put sunscreen on our hands before we leave the house every day, and we don’t exfoliate them like we do our faces. So now, manicures, a paraffin spa and generous helpings of hand cream with a sun protection factor are a part of my regimen.

So, are you a Girly-Girl, or do you disdain these dainty details?

The New Thong…Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

What’s your opinion of the importance of a good bra?

Let us know!


  1. Beth Trissel // January 8, 2008 at 9:37 AM  

    Love girly stuff, Cynthia, when I'm not too frazzled taking care of everyone to think. I enjoyed your post! I can dream.

  2. Beth Trissel // January 8, 2008 at 11:15 AM  

    Sorry I misspelled your name. Have you considered spelling it with a Y? :)

  3. Misc. Muse // January 8, 2008 at 11:29 AM  

    LOL good post. I am always looking for a better bra- one that looks good and doesn't half kill me- you need to post company. I have fibromyalgia those tiny straps do me in. I am the fluffy kind of gal and not small- it's not all it's cracked up to be- I was kidding my sister as we talked whether or not she was going to do reconstruction since her mastectomy. I told her she could have half mine. She laughed. I guess now they use your fat. well that was more info than you wanted. My sis is skinny not like me. LOL

  4. Cinthia Hamer // January 8, 2008 at 8:29 PM  

    Hey Beth, my name actually IS spelled with a Y, but somewhere out here in cyberspace is a psychologist with my name...don't want to get the two of us confused. :-)

    misc. muse, I also have fibro and obviously, I'm fluffy as well as these bras are a a Godsend. The straps aren't razor thin, but they're not heavy-duty, either. If you click on the word "Felina" it will take you to their website. :-)

  5. Cinthia Hamer // January 9, 2008 at 7:27 AM  

    Oh, and a postscript to my comment. My daughter, who introduced me to Felina bras, has enough up top for three women. Plus, she's a nurse, so she has to keep those babies confined during working hours as well as support her back. She won't wear anything but Felina. Just sayin'...

  6. Mary Marvella // January 10, 2008 at 11:17 PM  

    Hey, Cin,

    Well, I've been busy since we did the pampering thing! We had a good time, didn't we?

    No thongs for moi!

    My nails still look pretty good. They could use a tiny touch up. Let's see if I can manage not to mess them up.

    I guess I am a bit fluffy but I still wear regular bras.

    Good post. I always enjoy your humor.