Happy Easter

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Happy Easter!

Feel free to add your Easter wishes to this!


Kristine Cayne visits with eye candy and new releases!

Why write firefighter romance? For one thing, it takes incredible strength and courage to face fires and other dangerous situations on a daily basis. Even more, it take incredible love and character to be the significant other of a firefighter. I wanted to acknowledge the hardships that come with such a dangerous profession and the toll it can take on families and friends. I believe the Six-Alarm Sexy series does just that. The series follows these brave men and women into their personal lives as they re-evaluate what's important to them. Some will delve deeper into existing relationships, while others will take on new and unexpected partners. Either way, it's a rocky ride that I hope readers will enjoy taking with me.

When Seattle is struck by a devastating earthquake, technical rescue firefighter Jamie Caldwell must save his estranged wife and daughter from the wreckage of a collapsed building. He's defied the odds hundreds of times, but will his luck finally run out for good? 

A Short Excerpt

Adrenaline surging through her system, Erica hung onto the doorjamb as the quake rocked the old courthouse. The building swayed and groaned, windows rattled and shattered as the earth continued to tremble. Cracks raced across the ceiling and plaster dust showered down, covering everything in a thin white film. She’d lived in Seattle all her life but had never experienced a quake as powerful as this one.

And her daughter was all alone.

Book Links

Amazon US: http://amzn.com/B00C0LJRTM

Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00C0LJRTM

ALARM SEXY, BOOK ONE) by Kristine Cayne
Awards and Top Reviews

Winner - Best BDSM Romance - 2012 Sizzling Awards


A firefighter desperate to save his failing marriage earns the trust--and the sexual submission--of his controlling wife in the most pleasurable of ways.
After an explosive one-night stand results in pregnancy, Jamie Caldwell is thrilled to marry the perfect foil to his Dom side. But when his submissive wife starts cringing every time he gives a command, Jamie shackles his dark desires. A bout of rough, frenzied reunion sex makes him wonder if now he should free the Dom he's kept in chains and teach Erica the joys of submission and sexual surrender.
Erica Caldwell secretly loved every sinful thing Jamie did to her on their first night together. However, terrified she'll become a codependent doormat like her mother, she repeatedly rejects Jamie's dominance, despite craving the kind of release only he can give her--the release that comes from yielding to Jamie's every demand.
Hoping that the trust required by BDSM will help them rebuild their faith in each other, Jamie and Erica embark on a journey of sexual exploration. But is it too late to repair their crumbling marriage?

A Sexy Excerpt
Something soft and cool slid over her eyes. “What’s this?” she asked, reaching for it.
“Shh… It’s just a blindfold. To heighten your senses.”
Like she needed her senses heightened? He’d already taken her places she’d never been. “I’m not sure about—”
His hand smacking her butt cheek completely derailed her train of thought. “Did you just slap me?”
“That was a spank. Now turn around.” He tied the scarf over her eyes, plunging her into darkness.
He was so right.

Book Links
Amazon US: http://amzn.com/B00AOT3UDG
Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00AOT3UDG
B&N US: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/under-his-command-kristine-cayne/1046319151
Kobo: http://www.kobobooks.com/ebook/Under-His-Command/book-LSsLIAqA1EaswMV4UghqZg/page1.html

I just wanted to share my wonderful new cover for Wings by talented Elise Trissal (daughter of author Beth Trissel!):

I'm prejudiced, but good job!  See how just right this is??

Blurb:  The fallen angels have again risen against the Light, and the Second War in Heaven is raging. Paimon, General of Hell, yearned for a lover with the beauty of an angel and created a demon the exact replica of a celestial. He presents his creation with a powerful sword and appoints him commander of the demon forces. If Salseph returns to Hell with the sword in victory, Paimon vows to end Seph’s demeaning missions of seducing human women and destroying their lives. The promise is a double-edged blade. The demons under his control abhor Salseph as much as he reviles them.

In battle, the angel Ophiel disarms Salseph and humiliates the young demon. Seph vows revenge against his foe and strikes upon the perfect plan for vengeance. He will seduce the guardian angel’s charge, Gloria Landry, and at the Battle of Armageddon present soiled goods to the arrogant Ophiel in exchange for the stolen sword. When he rescues Gloria from a violent storm, she believes Salseph is her guardian angel. On their journey to the apocalyptic war, Salseph and Gloria discover that lust can become the purest love and that a bad boy can be good.

Monarch ButterflyI read an awesome quote on Facebook. "Those who do not believe in Magic will not find it." Roal Dahl

caterpillar pictures, butterfly pictures, butterflies pictureMagic is all around us if we take the time to look.

butterfly pictures, butterflies picturebutterfly pictures, butterflies picture
The magic of Mother Nature  creates the beautiful butterfly from a caterpillar.

 Bulbs can become flowers year after year. Look at Beth's recent blogs to see the beauty and Magic of Mother Nature!

Writers Believe.

 We start with an idea, a character, or a situation.  Some writers face a blank piece of paper, while others stare at a computer screen.  The magic that begins in the mind of a person can spin into tales of all kinds.

As a child I created the pretend games we played. I made up stories to entertain the other kids. Why was I the one to make up characters and situations? Who knows? Children have pretend tea parties and talk to their toys. Some children have imaginary friends, while others do not. Are these friends imaginary or do adults and other children just not see them?     

I think we can make our own magic just as some of us create stories. Artists of all kinds create visual images. Inventors create the magic that allows me to touch little white keys and see words on a lighted screen of my laptop and then send this message over invisible waves or whatever that make up the Internet.

Imagine it and share it, if you can.

What is your magic? How have you helped it along?

Some folks consider time spent on Facebook to be wasted time. I found this idea there. Do you have an opinion about spending time with social media?

“The spring has sprung, the grass is rizz. I wonder where them birdies is?” ~A.A. Milne

Actually, the birds are singing away outside my door, but I like the quote and that's how it goes.To declare the Shenandoah Valley in the full bloom of spring is a tad premature, but we are poised to burst forth. The early plants already are. And, like the happy kitty above, I say bring it on! This has seemed an exceedingly long and tiresome winter.

The report on the seeds I've started in my little greenhouse is that many of them are coming up, though not all. It's said that parsley has to go to the devil and back again seven times (and he keeps some for himself) before those seedlings emerge. And I have more seeds I need to start. But I will. I'm using the large yogurt containers to begin the seeds and will transplant them into the small yogurt containers and whatever else I can find. I'm recycling, and we're eating a lot of yogurt these days, also begging the containers from friends and family. If the cost of shipping were cheaper I'd ask you to mail me yours. 

As to my gardens, before the snow that hit on Sunday and into Monday, I was able to work outdoors and pull a whole wheelbarrow full of overwintering weeds. Yes, they always manage to survive the harshest weather. I'm taking stock of what else made it through and considering which plants didn't and should be replaced or grow something different in that spot. I am expanding my herbs, so look for more fragrance this year.

For those of you who love gardening and country life, I recommend my nonfiction book, Shenandoah Watercolors, was 2.99, now only .99 at Amazon. The book is also available in print with beautiful pics of the valley and mountains taken by my talent

Heavy wet snow fell last night and the trees are laden, my crocus buried. But late Saturday afternoon after the rain showers ended, the day turned mild and I pulled some overwintering weeds from one of my flower borders. A whole wheelbarrow full. While happily bent to my labors, I heard the sweet trill of a meadowlark, my favorite songbird. Silent today. But when the sun shines and the weather softens again, I will hear it sing. This crazy weather is typical of March in the Shenandoah Valley. A cold snap follows on the heels of a wonderfully balmy day or two.  This March has been on the colder side and quite wet, which is just as well with our tendency toward summer droughts, so we'll take the moisture while we can. 

Ducks and geese love all the puddles that come with the rain, and our pond is finally full again after dwindling to a sad state in past summers. Happy quacks resound against the fussy geese fighting over nesting sites. These battles, and the meadowlark singing, are among the first signs of spring. And the pussy willow blooming. I picked a lovely bouquet of pussy willow on Saturday too.

Back to the meadowlark, my goal is to ever actually see one of these elusive birds again. Theoretically  this shouldn't be such a challenge what with our meadows and all.  Once or twice, I’ve glimpsed a yellow flash  and spotted the bird perched on a fence post before it flew.  Mostly, they hide in the grass and skim away to another spot before I get a good look, calling all the while from various positions in the meadow. 
One spring daughter Elise and I were determined to track down the evasive songster and tenaciously followed its calls, even climbed over the fence into the neighbor’s pasture and picked our way along the little creek, but never caught up with that bird, or birds.  There may have been more than one.  So unless I catch another rare glimpse, I must content myself with their beautiful trills.  Birds like this need tall grasses and untidy hedge rows for nesting.  Bear that in mind in your own yard and garden.  Keeping everything trim and cultivated robs our feathered friends of habitat.  It’s also a good excuse for a less than perfectly kept landscape.    A little wilderness here and there is a good thing.

Images of early crocus before the snow and Elise and me on a walk about the farm, two years ago. A cow is saying hello. They follow us like pet dogs.

We have the Eastern Meadowlark.  For more on that variety click here.
For more on the Western Meadowlark~
*Royalty free Image of meadowlark–until we can finally photograph one.

Have you been beating your head against the wall trying to break into publishing and getting nowhere? Do you get glowing rejection letters telling you how wonderful your story is, but the editors don't know where it would fit in their lines? Haven't we all gotten those? Have you won contests, only to have your prized manuscript return home from New York in disgrace? I feel your pain. I've been at this for a long time. So long I'm ashamed to tell you. But last month that long dry spell was broken. I finally found hope for my romantic suspense manuscript, A Matter of Trust. Can't give the details yet, but it has been accepted by Renaissance Ebooks. Stay tuned for more details!

But now back to you and your wonderful story that needs a loving home. There is a new publisher that is looking for great stories, and their editors don't mind if our stories don't fit into New York's pre-formed mold. No, this publisher loves new, different, and just outside the ordinary stories. So why not give them a whirl?

The publisher you ask?

Gilded Dragonfly Books is based in Atlanta and is open for submissions. Their editors are actively seeking all sub-genres of romance. Their interests include mystery, suspense, thriller, YA, Historical, fantasy, science fiction, paranormal, and woman's fiction.

If you have a well polished, complete manuscript send a query with an attachment of the first three chapters and a synopsis to Novelkid@aol.com. One of Gilded Dragonfly Books' super editors will review your submission and respond within three weeks, maybe sooner.

Check them out at www.Gildeddragonflybooks.wordpress.com

Go on, send 'em something, I dare you!

Contest and Kindle Serials

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Hi everyone,
As most of you know, I have a new book, the first in my returning war hero series, now out as a serial for Amazon Kindle. This is something new for us all, and it's exciting and scary at the same time. So far, the serials seem to be doing well, but the common complaint we see is why don't they get the entire book at once! Well, as it clearly states, the books are downloaded on kindle in episodes, normally 8 episodes every two weeks, and is pretty much "live" brought to you as the writers themselves are finishing each episode. Which means they can't go back and edit what they wrote in the first or second segment, which is challenging, and perhaps a little stressful for some.
Three of us Montlake authors are having a contest this month to promote the "serials" and a Kindle Fire HD is the grand prize, and three $20 Amazon gift certificates will be given by the three of us, every two weeks. How to answer? Go to our websites, and answer one simple question. One question, one entry-- or go to all three websites and answer three questions for three chances to win.
We wish you all the best of luck, and please try our serials. For less than two dollars, you will be guaranteed a great read. Like watching your favorite show on television, the anticipation builds...



From Valentine’s Day through the end of March, three romance authors are combining to not only bring readers an easy opportunity for a chance to win a 7” Kindle Fire HD, but also the chance to discover a new and exciting way to read books!

Have you heard of Kindle Serials? It’s a blast from the past, where books are released in episodes in the same vein as in Charles Dickens’ day. Only, instead of getting each episode in a magazine or newspaper, you’ll get them on your Kindle or Kindle app. It’s kind of like your favorite television shows. The ones that leave you hanging each week, anxious to get to the next episode and know more!

Cheryl Bolen, Kim Law, and Patrice Wilton each have a Kindle serial releasing, and are hoping you’ll give them a try! In return, they’re giving away a 7” Kindle Fire HD on April 1st, and will give away three $20 Amazon gift cards along the way. All you have to do to enter is go to one of their websites and answer a simple question about their serial. Want to enter three times? Go to each website and answer a question about each serial.

Additionally, after reading each episode, join the fun by chatting with other readers on the Kindle forums, and discussing how you think the next episode will play out! Links to the forums are found on each book’s Amazon page.

Falling for Frederick, by Cheryl Bolen – Laden with mystery and suspense, Falling for Frederick is a fast-paced romance that takes place in contemporary England. Aided by the lord of the manor, a lovely doctoral student seeks a priceless medieval artifact – just a step ahead of those who've already murdered to get it.
Ex on the Beach, by Kim Law – Andie Shayne is getting ready to host the wedding of the summer at her resort on Turtle Island. As the guests arrive she’s taken aback to learn that her ex--who left her at the altar--is the best man. What he did was unforgiveable, and now he’s back with an agenda for her affection.

A Hero Lies Within, by Patrice Wilton – Old secrets linger and two reunited lovers are faced with more deception and mistrust. Can their love survive a second time around? Jake Harrington left her once when her life was falling apart, and now he’s back, and so are all the emotions she fought hard to expel. Can she forget his bitter betrayal, and will he forgive hers when to save her career she must betray his trust?

$20 Amazon Gift Card giveaways:
February 28th – Winner pulled from all entries from Cheryl’s contestHYPERLINK "http://www.cherylbolen.com/contests.htm" HYPERLINK "http://www.cherylbolen.com/contests.htm"page.
March 14th – Winner pulled from all entries from Kim’s contest page.
March 28th – Winner pulled from all entries from Patrice’s contest page.
We will be happy to answer any questions you may have on Kindle Serials. Bring them on!!!
And please feel free to spread the word.



 Ladies and gents, if we have any visiting, I found Linda Joyce wandering around in the cold, so I dragged her inside.
Good morning, Linda Joyce! I can't believe it's so cold in March in Georgia! Well, it's warm beside our fireplace.  Grab a comfy chair and relax and tell us about yourself and your NEW book, please.

“Southerners Talk Music!”
Mark Twain said it all when he uttered those words.   
To many folks residing west of the Mississippi River and north of the Mason-Dixon Line, the south is deemed ubiquitous. I understand how those folks who live “out yonder” may think that everything down here is all “southern fried” and “slow-talkers.” After all, the south is known for deep-fried okra, pigskins, and turkeys. But, there’s much more to southerners. We take pride and pleasure in the similes and metaphors of the vernacular south. 
And the stories...

The south lays claim to some of the riches stories told by authors who are interesting characters unto themselves. Some of the “old guard” includes William Faulkner, Harper Lee, Margaret Mitchell and Mark Twain. Their lives have been captured in biographies, some of which made it to the big and small screen, so fascinating to the public were their private lives.

Other noted southern authors offer wisdom:  

Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor. ~ Truman Capote  

For the night was not impartial. No, the night loved some more than others, served some more than others. ~ Eudora Welty

A vacuum is a hell of a lot better than some of the stuff that nature replaces it with.
Tennessee Williams, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1955)

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is one my all-time favorite stories. It came out before I was even born. The characters are layered and their hearts are shown in the largesse of their actions. Plus, it’s romantic. The bad boy gets the good girl. Nothing more satisfying for me than crushing conflict that is conquered with a passionate kiss.

The “new guard” boosts of Pat Conroy, Dorothea-Benton Frank, Sue Monk Kidd, Fannie Flagg, and Rebecca Wells, but these are just a few. There are so many authors I love I couldn’t begin to list them all; however, my hope is to capture them in my Goodreads.

In my novel, Bayou Born, Branna explains to James that her life isn’t “deep-fried,” but instead it’s flavorful and abundant like gumbo and ètouffèe; which literally means to “smoother,” as in Branna is smothered in southern culture.
(Bayou Born is available for Kindle only until April 12th , after that, it will be available in print. http://www.amazon.com/Bayou-Born-Fleur-Lis-ebook/dp/B00B9L1VAC/ref=sr_1_10?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1360196114&sr=1-10&keywords=Bayou+Born )

Please share with me about your favorite authors, and what draws you to them?

I believe a good book is a journey. Pat Conroy said it best in the Prince of Tides:
Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers, that the mind can never break off from the journey.

Happy Reading!

Linda Joyce

A big Pink Fuzzy Slipper welcome, Elaine. It's cold here in Atlanta. Georgia, but Elaine's new book  is HOT! Come sit by the fireplace and have a cup of hot tea. Or would you prefer hot chocolate or coffee? 

Move Over, Vamps and Shapeshifters! Get Ready for Elementals!  
By Elaine Calloway
The supernatural has long been a fascination of humankind. Spooky things, creatures that go bump in the night, spells that turn evil people into toads, etc. These tales have been the delicious material of campfires and slumber parties.
Even as a child, my favorite cartoon was Scooby-Doo, which always had some form of ghost story at its center. It seemed only fitting that I would grow up, longing to tell similar anecdotes. And while I do have a few ghost stories in the works, I decided to take the plunge into Indie Publishing with my 4-book Elemental Clan series. (The jury is still out on whether this decision was blind ambition or temporary insanity, though the experience has been incredible!)
Water’s Blood, available now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords, is the first book in the series and features Brooke, a Water Elemental stationed in New Orleans. The Crescent City was an ideal setting for a book featuring a Water-related character, since New Orleans is surrounded by water on all sides! I grew up there and enjoyed using my favorite areas as backdrops to the plot. The city has many tourist places, and I liked adding in a few secret spots that don’t make the top of the tourism circuit.  

A brief synopsis is below:
After breaking the rules to mate with a human, Water Elemental Brooke is forbidden to share a life with Alex and their half-breed daughter, Ella. Yet local Fallen Angel clans are determined to snare Ella for themselves. Brooke broke the rules once by allowing love to interfere with her Elemental duties. Now she and Alex must put consequences aside again—if they wish to save their daughter’s soul.
Leaping into Indie Publishing has been quite a learning experience, but I’ve loved having control over my cover art, my publishing schedule, and more. Very worthwhile decision! Another writer once said, “It’s a learning process.” She couldn’t have said it better. That is exactly what it is, but very worthwhile.

Thanks so much for having me on the blog today! Any questions or comments are welcome!

Elaine Calloway grew up in New Orleans with a love of gothic architecture and all things paranormal. Despite no longer living there, she can still do a decent Cajun accent upon request! She is currently writing The Elemental Clan Series and plotting some ghost stories. To connect with Elaine online, visit her website at www.elainecalloway.com.

To enter, leave a comment and be entered in drawing (I will also state this on my blog too, for anyone who leaves a comment with the same post)

Links & Such:

Barnes/Noble link:

Smashwords link:

I'd like to introduce Bianca Swan...Sexy, Hot, Intriguing Erotic Romance.  Her latest release is On Wings of Desire from Double Dragon Publishing.

A little about Bianca:  A resident of the big state of Texas, Bianca enjoys writing about hot men and the lucky women who fall in love with them, visiting other locales and delving into the minds of her characters.  She has two wonderful sons, a baby grand piano that she can't play but luckily it plays itself and a snazzy new black convertible.

One day, Bianca was staring at the cold, white blank screen on her computer and thought what if...a demon looked exactly like an angel.  On Wings of Desire is the result of that what if.

From the inside cover:  The fallen angels have again risen against the Light, and the Second War in Heaven is raging. Paimon, General of Hell, yearned for a lover with the beauty of an angel and created a demon the exact replica of a celestial. He presents his creation with a powerful sword and appoints him commander of the demon forces. If Salseph returns to Hell with the sword in victory, Paimon vows to end Seph’s demeaning missions of seducing human women and destroying their lives. The promise is a double-edged blade. The demons under his control abhor Salseph as much as he reviles them.

In battle, the angel Ophiel disarms Salseph and humiliates the young demon. Seph vows revenge against his foe and strikes upon the perfect plan for vengeance. He will seduce the guardian angel’s charge, Gloria Landry, and at the Battle of Armageddon present soiled goods to the arrogant Ophiel in exchange for the stolen sword. When he rescues Gloria from a violent storm, she believes Salseph is her guardian angel. On their journey to the apocalyptic war, Salseph and Gloria discover that lust can become the purest love and that a bad boy can be good.

The first chapter of Wings is available for preview at:  Double Dragon Publishing.


"I think he’s hideous," a demon in the shadows called. "Angels are our enemies. Every time I look at Paimon’s favorite, I want to draw sword."

Jealousy and envy gleamed in Evolz’s yellow eyes. The demon reeked of the Pit. Sulfur wasn’t an enticing perfume. "Now, who would want to spit our lovely Salseph on a sword?"

"Let me pass." Seph would have shouldered by Evolz, but touching the creature repulsed him.

"Coming home from another assignment?" Evolz smirked.

Seph refused to give the other demon the satisfaction of a reply. He was returning from another demeaning mission with his stomach in a knot and his heart bleeding for a poor human woman whose only sin was falling in love with him.

"Did you eat her baby or pump a little half-demon into her womb?" Evolz leered, his glob of a head tilted to the side, his hairy ears wagging.

"I don’t consume human flesh. Now, step aside."

"Or you’ll do what? Report me to Paimon?"

Seph flared his wings, striking the demon and sweeping Evolerzzal into a stumbling retreat. "Sorry, Evolz." He drove his wings down hard, rising straight into the sultry, close air. Voice dripping sarcasm, he said, "I forget how powerful I really am."

He hovered above the gross blob, his condescending smile goading Evolz to react. The demon glared at him but said nothing, a quick comeback beyond his limited mental capacity. Why were they all so fiendish? One of the monsters tried to capture his ankle. Laughing, he flew higher and, still chuckling, soared toward home. The place I hide. He’d never thought of the dim stone cavern as home. His heart stuttered over a painful beat. He had no home and belonged nowhere.

Bianca also has two erotic romances published by The Wild Rose Press:  Celestial Sin and
Hot Spanish Nights

To celebrate this new release, Bianca is giving away a copy of Hot Spanish Nights (the title says it all!)

Let's Kick It Up.

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Friday, March 1, 2013 8 a.m.

Happy March!

Even though the calendar says it’s only 19 more days until spring and there are signs, the fire in my wood stove is still roaring. It’s going to be a great weekend to keep my fingers on the keyboard.

Often writers have trouble jump starting their muse. One way I’ve found to get in the mood, is to do a simple brainstorming exercise. Take a picture and write one line to go with it. The line doesn’t have to related to the story you’re working on, just think out of the box.

Let’s kick our muses out of bed. Using the pictures below, write an opening line or lines. Do as many as you want. Make them as long as you want.

Come on. You can do it? Let’s have some fun. I've posted my lines below each picture.


AJ: "She's forming," the young intern cried with excitement.


AJ: Ally Chase took the drop of Satan’s blood on her tongue like a good angel.


AJ: It was Friday and finally after twenty-five years she was done. Ma Wilson scanned her classroom. She felt as old as the turtle in the tank.


AJ: “Olives and spaghetti." Jake turned on her. "Are you pregnant again?”


AJ: “If only he'd known their kiss this morning would be their last, he wouldn't have let her go alone.”

Now it's your turn.