Blood and Magic by Ann Gimpel May Day Release!

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Blood and Magic
By Ann Gimpel

Publisher: Taliesin

Release Date: 5/1/14

Genre: Dark Paranormal Romance
63,000 words

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Can Luke conquer his past and claim the only woman he’s ever loved?

Magic didn’t just find Luke Caulfield. It chased him down, bludgeoned him, and has been dogging him ever since. Some lessons are harder than others. Luke survives by embracing danger and upping the ante to give it one better. An enforcer for the Coven, a large, established group of witches, his latest assignment is playing bodyguard to the daughter of Coven leaders.
Abigail Ruskin is chaperoning a spoiled twelve-year-old from New York to her parents’ home in Utah Territory when Luke gets on their stagecoach in Colorado. A powerful witch herself, Abigail senses Luke’s magic, but he’s so overwhelmingly male, she shies away from contact. Stuck between the petulant child and Luke’s raw sexual energy, Abigail can’t wait for the trip to end.

Wraiths, wolves, and humans with dark magick attack. Unpleasant truths surface about the child and Abigail’s well-ordered world crashes around her. Luke’s so attracted to Abigail, she’s almost all he can think about, but he’s leery too. In over his head, he summons enforcer backup. Will they help him save the woman he’s falling in love with, or demand her immediate execution?

…It wasn’t Luke but a long, drawn-out shriek that brought Abigail thumping back to consciousness, her heart hammering triple time in her chest. Eyes wide and staring against the darkness, she warded herself just in time. Strong magic battered her. She tried to sense Luke, but that was the problem with wards. They protected by forming an impenetrable barrier and corralled her magic inside.
Whatever was pummeling her seemed to have given up. She risked chinking enough of a hole in her warding to send a tendril of magic outward because she needed information. When it came, it terrified her so badly, her heart stuttered. Dark things surrounded them: wraiths, mad wolves—those who’d been turned to serve the other side—and humans who’d sold their immortal souls for forbidden knowledge. Had the girl rallied them? How could she possibly be that powerful? Luke didn’t seem to be anywhere. Abigail hoped he’d concealed himself out of harm’s way, because the two of them couldn’t make the slightest dent in the dark horde outside. The stagecoach rocked and she realized someone was climbing onto the roof. Throat so dry she could barely breathe, she mended her warding.
The books. That’s what they want… Let them haul the miserable things out of here. She knew she should risk heaven and hell to keep such knowledge out of dark hands, but Abigail didn’t see how throwing her life away would alter the outcome. She heard voices speaking the Satanic tongue, and then dragging sounds as someone transferred the trunk to the ground. Luke shouldn’t have bothered to put it back up top, she thought grimly.
What had the Girauds been doing with such arcane tomes in the first place? She supposed there was the slightest chance they’d been protecting them from falling into the wrong hands. Yes, by all means, let’s give Coven members the benefit of the doubt. Except it was a struggle, and she didn’t know who the hell to trust anymore.
She waited until it was absolutely still outside, and a tentative scan told her the dark host she’d sensed earlier had moved on, before loosing her wards. The minute she did, she felt Luke’s energy. He pulled open one of the coach doors. “I scared up a couple of horses from a nearby farm. We need to go after those books—and the girl.”
She fought down the protest that rose to her lips, but it slid out anyway. “There aren’t enough of us.”
“Fixed that problem too.” He smiled grimly. “I can ward you if you want to stay here, but if you’re coming we need to get moving. Don’t want to let the trail get too cold.” From the smirk in his voice, she knew he was being sarcastic.
She sent her magic spiraling outward and felt the books pulsing with evil. No way that path would ever get cold. “Why couldn’t I feel them this strongly before? I know the trunk had to have been spelled, but still…”
“The trunk was spelled, and by someone with magic to burn. It’s over in those trees. I guess Carolyn’s minions were in a hurry and didn’t have a wagon.”
Abigail felt like a rube. The book trunk had already been packed and sealed when she’d picked Carolyn up in New York. She’d never even thought to examine it. “Did you see Carolyn?”
“Yup.” His upper lip curled into a sneer. “Caught a glimpse of her riding a mad wolf.”
“Do you suppose there’s some way we could separate her from Goody Osborne?” Abigail bit her lip nervously.
Luke shook his head. “Even if we could—and I don’t think it’s possible—there are too many unknowns. Her parents might have been turned. If that happened, the kid could have embraced evil before it entered her body. By the time we sorted all that out, the dark would have had one too many chances to kill us.”
Abigail winced at the unvarnished truth in his words. Any residual doubts she held about the necessity of destroying the girl melted away. “Yes,” she said through clenched teeth. “I’m coming with you.”
Luke boosted her onto one of the horses. She pulled her skirts out of the way. It was a normal saddle and this was scarcely a time for modesty. Luke vaulted onto his horse, kneeing it, and they took off up the Overland Stage Road at close to a full gallop. “We’re making too much noise,” she sent.
“Doesn’t matter. They’ll expect us to come after them.”
She clung to the horse with her legs, enjoying the feel of not having to ride sidesaddle. Luke’s horse was larger, faster, and soon pulled so far ahead she could barely see him. She kneed her horse, urging it to greater speed, but the animal shied, and then reared. Abigail struggled for balance and called magic to calm the spooked animal. Something sprang at her and knocked her to the ground. She sent killing magic to stop its heart, before realizing what it was. Panting, she crawled out from under a black and gray mad wolf with blood dribbling from its nostrils, and glanced warily about. Were there more of them?
Carolyn stepped from the shadows. It looked as if she was alone, but Abigail suspected otherwise. “What do you want?”
“Simple enough. I plan to use you to get rid of Breana Giraud—and others.” A sneer twisted the girl’s features into something unpleasant. “You think people don’t know you’re part of Coven government?”
Abigail set her mouth in a hard line. “Fine. So the other side knows about me. Question is, who are you really?”
“Don’t you recognize me?” Carolyn stepped closer and turned her face from side to side as if posing for a photographer. “I gave you my name, but I am far more than that.”
She’s arrogant. Perhaps I can use that in some way. Abigail spread her hands in a placating gesture. “Because I’m used to seeing you as Carolyn Giraud, I’m not certain who you are.” She paused for emphasis. “I’d like you to tell me.”
“Certainly.” A feral grin made the child look like something out of a nightmare. “It is always better to know who your adversary is.” Her voice became soft and silky. “I have access to magic you would kill for. You may not know it, but you’d like to work for us.” She laughed, but it sounded more like broken glass shattering against itself, than a twelve-year-old girl’s mirth. “We have real power, not that paltry tripe the Coven settles for.”
Abigail waited. When Carolyn didn’t say anything else, she said, “I’m listening…and considering your offer. Life is always better than the alternative.”
“Ha! They said you couldn’t be turned, but I told them they were wrong. I am The Promised, resurrected out of legend. Goody Osborne was but a start, and this little girl is merely a convenience.” Something like an outraged squawk followed the words, but Goody silenced Carolyn almost immediately. “What I really want is you, Abigail Ruskin.”
Shit! She couldn’t be The Promised… “You mean the Dark Messiah?” Abigail scrunched up her face and held her breath, hoping against hope she’d gotten it wrong.
“The same.” A supercilious expression etched into the girl’s features. “At least the other side has heard of me. Warms my black, black heart.”
“The books—?” Abigail hunted for a connection while she rode herd on terror that threatened to immobilize her, and clouded her judgment. If ever she needed a clear head, it was now, but her mind raced feverishly.
“They weren’t doing the girl’s parents any good moldering away in that underground chamber. I’d actually been searching for them for years.” She flashed a sly smile. “They used to be mine…”

@AnnGimpel (for Twitter)

Short Bio:
Ann Gimpel is a clinical psychologist, with a Jungian bent.  Avocations include mountaineering, skiing, wilderness photography and, of course, writing.  A lifelong aficionado of the unusual, she began writing speculative fiction a few years ago. Since then her short fiction has appeared in a number of webzines and anthologies. Her longer books run the gamut from urban fantasy to paranormal romance. She’s published over 20 books to date, with several more contracted for 2014.

A husband, grown children, grandchildren and three wolf hybrids round out her family.

Long Bio: 
Ann Gimpel is a mountaineer at heart. Recently retired from a long career as a psychologist, she remembers many hours at her desk where her body may have been stuck inside four walls, but her soul was planning yet one more trip to the backcountry. Around the turn of the last century (that would be 2000, not 1900!), she managed to finagle moving to the Eastern Sierra, a mecca for those in love with the mountains. It was during long backcountry treks that Ann’s writing evolved. Unlike some who see the backcountry as an excuse to drag friends and relatives along, Ann prefers solitude. Stories always ran around in her head on those journeys, sometimes as a hedge against abject terror when challenging conditions made her fear for her life, sometimes for company. Eventually, she returned from a trip and sat down at the computer. Three months later, a five hundred page novel emerged. Oh, it wasn’t very good, but it was a beginning. And, she learned a lot between writing that novel and its sequel.

Around that time, a friend of hers suggested she try her hand at short stories. It didn’t take long before that first story found its way into print and they’ve been accepted pretty regularly since then. One of Ann’s passions has always been ecology, so her tales often have a green twist.

In addition to writing, Ann enjoys wilderness photography. She lugs pounds of camera equipment in her backpack to distant locales every year. A standing joke is that over ten percent of her pack weight is camera gear which means someone else has to carry the food! That someone is her husband. They’ve shared a life together for a very long time. Children, grandchildren and three wolf hybrids round out their family.

If you’re reading this, you obviously know I’m a writer…what you may NOT know is that many of the scenes in my books come from real life incidents. Today I’m sharing something that happened and I’m still LMAO about it.

Last week, my daughter sends me email asking me to print some papers for her college Chem Class…she needed 3 copies…I did, but I also didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to the papers. I removed them from the printer and set them aside. Easy peasy…right? Uh, no–never!

Daughter comes over, I hand her the stack of papers and as far as I’m concerned, Mom’s good deed for the day is done. She staples the copies and off she goes to school to turn them in.

HOWEVER,…after class the Professor tells her to stay behind, she wants to speak to her. The Professor hands my daughter her paper and says, “You included some extra credit which I can’t count, but I did take a picture of it.”

Her comment has my daughter scratching her head. Rachel says, “But, I didn’t turn in any extra credit.”

The Professor, with a straight face, hands her back her paper and my daughter can see through the back copy that there is a pink image of some sort. Rachel takes the paper, flips through to the last page and according to her, she thought she was going to die of embarrassment. There on the last page is a recipe I had printed to laminate for the upcoming Brenda Novak Online Diabetes Auction. It’s a recipe of a drink I created for my debut book, ‘Sex, Lies, and Beauty Aides’. The recipe was for “Kinky Sex on the Beach” a passion fruit flavored cocktail.

This is the image that was on the page along with the recipe.

Now for added embarrassment, my daughter’s Chem partner is standing there. The Chem partner is also a long-time childhood friend who has witnessed a number of these instances. Leandra leaned over Rachel’s shoulder and started laughing–I don’t mean a giggle, I mean all out, knee-slapping-belly-whopper-jaw-aching-belly-laugh!!! Rachel stammered but finally found her voice and proceeded to try to explain that her mom's a writer and our stuff must have accidently been mixed together. She’s scrambling to break out her iPhone to show the professor my website, with the title of the book, but no cell reception. The Professor starts laughing, the friend is laughing harder, and Rachel said she didn’t think she’d ever lose the red face or the humiliation.

I had completely forgotten I’d printed out a recipe for ‘Kinky Sex on the Beach’. I’m making a basket that will include a copy of my book and some fun items from the story.

Rachel was stuttering as she told me about the incident, glaring and still very red-faced, while telling me how mortified she was to have to explain to her Prof it was her pervy mom’s recipe from her book.

My response was: “You’re lucky I’d already laminated the recipe for ‘Sex in a pan’.”

My work on Earth is done–I have thoroughly embarrassed my daughter…and I still can’t stop laughing!

And in case you’re interested, here is the link to the basket I’m donating to the Diabetes Auction:

Please check out the auction, there’s something for EVERYONE!!!

Thanks for letting me share.


dill and poppiesFor the month of May, join in the journey as we venture back to the days when herbs entered into every aspect of life. From the ancients to the British Isles, colonial America, Native Americans, and the Granny Women, this workshop spans centuries. Plus, everyone who participates will receive the illustrated eBook of my new herbal, (recently revised to include yet more herbs and images) Plants For A Medieval Herb Garden in the British Isles (soon to be available in print as well as eBook).
While sponsored by Celtic Hearts Romance Writers, this May workshop is also open to the public. For more information and to register visit:
medieval herb garden smaller sizePlants For A Medieval Herb Garden in the British Isles 
Description: An illustrated collection of plants that could have been grown in a Medieval Herb or Physic Garden in the British Isles. The major focus of this work is England and Scotland, but also touches on Ireland and Wales. Information is given as to the historic medicinal uses of these plants and the rich lore surrounding them. Journey back to the days when herbs figured into every facet of life, offering relief from the ills of this realm and protection from evil in all its guises. ***In Kindle and Nookbook.
(Image of dill and heirloom poppies in our garden by Elise. Book cover also by Elise.)

Next on the revision block is Kat story. In Book II - Antics, Antidotes, and Angel, Kat is challenged to tone her persona down in order to be taken seriously by her professors. When it works, she continues the duel persona in her business life in Book III: Love, Lies, and Alibis.

Meet Kat Grantham AKA Kathryn Wallace:

Meet Ben Higgins AKA Bernie Higgenbottom:

Story Blurb:

Kathryn Wallace and Kat Grantham are one in the same, and there’s nothing they hate more than a bully. Kathryn Wallace by day-- is a dowdy, introverted financial whiz whose sole focus is her career. Kat Grantham by night--is a sexy, smart, and incredibly sassy female dynamo. Unfortunately, they have bigger problems than battling their duel personas when the SEC comes knocking with accusations of insider trading. They must find a way to save the family fortune before one them goes to jail. And who will win at love when it knocks as well, Kat or Kathryn?

Ben Higgins is working undercover as Bernie "the nerd" Higgenbottom to check out an insider trading tip the SEC has received. Somehow he can't quite believe the innocent “librarian" he's been sent to investigate at the bottom of a potentially huge SEC scandal. Until he discovers she's not who or what she appears to be. Ben finds more than he bargained for battling a powerful sexual attraction for Kat, the office bully taunting both him and Kathryn, and discovering who is behind the insider trading?


Jamison Reginald Spalding III is the darling of Carmichael, Sprague, and Rossi Brokerage Firm and just happens to be the biggest schmuck on the entire west coast.

I’ve watched “Racket”, as Jamison is affectionately known by the male species in the office, with a reputation as a player and ladies man. Wherever Racket goes something happens to point him out as the big hero.

Not that I don't find the man appealing. Yes, he is handsome, and very charming, especially if he wants something from you. But I don't get off on idiots who have a bigger crush on themselves than their wives.

Oh, did I forget to mention he's married. Well he is. And his wife is a real sweetheart. She doesn't deserve the disparaging remarks he makes about her. Nor does she deserve to be ignored when they appear together at parties or events.

Though lately Caroline has avoided office parties altogether. I'm sure it's just too humiliating for her to show up, only to spend the evening alone and listening to whispers and gossip, wondering how much of it is true. Not to mention the tactless stares she can’t get away from.

Heck, I wouldn't even go to those stupid get-togethers myself if I didn't want to at least appear like a team player. Although, why I bother is a bigger mystery.

I hired on at CSR after graduating first in my class, with a Master's Degree in Finance. And here I sit eighteen months later still shuffling paper. Not even considered a junior player, trying to get my big break to show the suits my business moves.

Uncle Jack, Jack Carmichael that is, said he'd intervene for me, but I want to do this on my own. Jack brought me into the firm and recently he moved me from New Accounts, to the Big Investor's floor. It was brought to his attention that the firm was being watched. There is a very big possibility that insider trading is going on so he asked me to keep my eyes and ears open. Thank God at least there is one person that believes in me!

The funny thing is that the only one who aware of what's in my female pea-sized brain is the Casanova of the company. How do I know this? I recently overheard Jamison schmoozing the infamous Candy. The Barbie bimbette of HR. Trying to find out who holds the most profitable personal portfolio, with the least amount of loss.

Yes, that would be me. As well as being smart, I consider myself the most loyal worker at the office. I pull all the overtime necessary to ensure my success. Spend all my spare time reading over the various financial prospectuses from our customers, and willing to do anything. Regardless of the fact that I'm nearly invisible to just about everyone who works there. It must be the clothes.

Why do I dress the way I do? I discovered during my second semester at the Unniversity no one took me seriously when I dressed in my regular clothes. Back then I was a bit of a 'Fashionista'. The guys were too busy checking out my body while the professor's refused to believe I was in their classes to learn. Apparently it was easier to believe I was there to find a rich prospect for a husband. Jerks, every last one of them.

Screw that, I already have more money than I can spend in this lifetime.

So, my final year, on a dare, I decided to hide all my assets in dowdy clothes, a mousy hairdo, and exchanged my contacts for big, thick framed glasses, and damned if I didn't come out number one.

Was it worth it? Not yet, but that's all about to change. I've decided that if I'm going to swim with the sharks I better learn how to bite like one of them. How do I plan to do this, you ask?

Well, let’s just say that when I heard the latest prank Jamison set into motion for the newest member of the CSR, I decided I've been Miss Nice for far too long. I'm going to help Bernie Higgenbottom win his bet, and what Jamison doesn't know is that I'm the only one who can do that.

Jamison bet 'Bernie-the-nerd' he couldn't score a date with Kat Grantham the sexiest thing to set foot in the Metronome, Sacramento's hottest nightclub. How do I know I'm the only one who can help him?

I guess I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Kathryn Wallace Grantham, Kat Grantham to my friends.

Starting today, Kat Grantham AKA Kathryn Wallace are working together to bring down Jamison.

I have my suspicions about him. Something’s up and I’m going to get to the bottom of it. And if I’m right, and Jamison is the one behind the insider trading I swear that man is going down, and it won’t be pleasant.

Kat Grantham may be the hottest thing in town, but her nickname isn’t the Ice Bitch for nothing. Jamison will rue the day he messed with me, my family, or my friends. Don’t believe me--just ask my two best friends, Sabrina, Angel, and Jill. When Sabrina was dating my cousin Trent, he tried to pull a con on her that landed her in jail. Let me tell you, I made sure she kicked his ass, but good. Now Sabrina and Trent are married. They just had twin boys. TJ and Trey are the cutest little guys you’ve ever seen. And now, Angel and Travis are married.

As you can see, no one screws with my friends, even family. And I can’t wait for Jamison to get his comeuppance. I plan to make it as harsh as I possibly can. It’s about time someone made sure the bad guys lose. I can’t save the world, but damn it, at least I can save my uncle’s company and my own reputation. And who knows, maybe I’ll have some fun along the way.

Get ready for this wild and bumpy ride.

Have a great day!


I hope you had a lovely Easter or at least a lovely Sunday!

What kind of telephones do you have? Do you have land lines? Do you have a smart phone? Does the brand name matter? Share or confess. 

I still have my land line. I have a cell phone, but it isn't fancy. I have a drawer so I can use keys to text. 

My daughter wanted to get me a smart phone and put me on her account. My baby brother beat her to the draw and added me to his and ordered a smart phone! This is momentous, because we thought he had early onset Alzheimers and he wants to teach me how to use one! 

Share and I'll make someone give a prize!

I love my second job!

It's so much fun to screw with characters and watch them try to survive.

I just finished Book II of my Twisted Sisters Club Series: Antics, Antidotes, and Angel

Introducing: Summer Glau and Angel Talbot

And Paul Walker and Travis Wellington

Tag line: Angel Talbot turns heads and hearts with her wedding creations, sexy lingerie and display of adult toys in Antics, Antidotes, and Angel

Unofficial Blurb: Angeline Talbot has everything she wants, well almost. Due to the economy she’s had to close her wedding salon and concentrate on her store “Angeline’s” where she sells her own designs of lingerie as well as a delightful selection of adult toys. A man in her life would only cause problems, especially one as gregarious, handsome, and humorous as Travis Wellington. Who needs problems like that, certainly not Angel?

Travis Wellington, coming off a thirty-day stay in Palm Springs finally sees the clarity of life with his sobriety, he wants what his brother has: a job he’s proud of, an adoring wife, and utterly content. The only problem is he can’t convince Angel to give him a chance, until she loses a bet and agrees to a date. The night is spectacular, but when he wakes up in the morning she’s gone.

Convincing Angel they right for one another takes them on a crazy ride, with the Blue-haired brigade and well-meaning family and friends running interference. Will anyone survive unscathed?

This story is off to my editor, fingers crossed she likes it.

Have a great day!


--> Please welcome my dear friend Carol Burnside. She's just in time to enjoy our fireplace for late April cold weather!

Her Unexpected Family by Carol Burnside
This book is the second in the Sweetwater Springs series of stand-alone books by this author.  

Former bad boy, Travis Baxter, has a reputation to live down, a job to do fast, and one woman he can’t seem to avoid. He’s starting a 24/7 renovation flip on Claire’s beauty salon when a surprise appears at his door . . . a three-year-old son. Immediate custody brings Travis a major problem. He needs a nanny.

Claire Larkin glimpsed a rare and appealing side of Travis during one ill-fated date, but her personal policy is no involvement, no strings. Not even a pet until she’s pronounced cancer free. With free time until her salon is done, Claire pitches in to help the grieving little boy and stunned father. Despite her best efforts to resist, she and Travis succumb to their attraction.

When it appears Claire’s cancer has returned, she pulls away and Travis is faced with a seemingly impossible decision. Protect his son from another loss or support the woman he’s come to love?

Warning: This book contains hair salon gossip, hunky construction workers, sex in the shower, sudden humor and it might tempt you to gorge on pizza and brownies. Even so, at certain points the reader may wish to keep tissues handy.

Fans of Marie Ferrarella, Tanya Michaels, Leanne Banks and Susan Mallery will enjoy this series, which contains sensual romance against a backdrop of family and community. 

Book 1: A Suitable Wife (Rosie and Sam), January, 2014
Book 3: His Small Town Princess (J.T. and Cass), Coming soon
Other titles are planned for this series.
- - - - -
Carol Burnside is an award-winning author of the Sweetwater Springs series of contemporary romance with serious sizzle. Her personal second-chance-at-love story resulted in a marriage to her high school sweetheart of thirty-plus years. Also published in short stories, Carol’s novel length manuscripts have placed in numerous contests and won five, including the prestigious Maggie Award for Excellence.

Writing as Annie Rayburn, she produces soft sci-fi and lite paranormal erotic romances which have been favorably received. Talk about cross-genre! Enjoy excerpts, review snippets, and more about her sexy Crainesian characters on her website  or connect with her on

Connect with her online via Website / Facebook / Twitter / Newsletter / Goodreads / Pinterest  or email her at

Read 1st chapter here:
Buy links are here:

Carol is offering a Her Unexpected Family for a comment picked at random.

It's been awhile since I posted a recipe, so I thought I'd share a family favorite. It's delicious and so easy to make. I feed a big crowd so luckily this stretches the way I need it. Add a salad and you have a great dinner.


1 Tbsp Olive Oil
1 red onion (diced)
1 red, orange, or yellow bell pepper (diced)
2 diced scallions
1 Tbsp crushed and finely diced garlic
1 package (4 links) Aidell's Cajun Sausage thinly sliced
1 tsp paprika
1-1/2 cup uncooked long grain rice
1/2 cup mixed grain (see note below)
1 32oz container Swanson's Chicken Broth
1 small can diced tomatoe with green chilis
1 Tbsp parsley
1 tsp crushed red pepper
1-2 lbs, cleaned shrimp, tails removed
1 cup Soycotash mixed veggies (available at Trader Joe's)
1 tsp butter
salt and pepper to taste (I've never needed to add additonal salt or pepper)
Note: I keep a container of mixed grains: quinoa, bulgar, spelt, millet, barley, farro, wild rice)

Directions: In a large skillet, saute, onions, pepper, scallions, garlic in olive oil, 5 minutes.
Add rice and grain mixture.
Add broth, sausage, paprika, crushed red pepper, tomatoe/green chilis, soycotash. Stir, cover, let cook for 5 minutes.
Stir, drop to low, let simmer for 15 minutes.
In a separate skillet at 1 tsp butter, cleaned peeled shrimp, and parsley, cook until almost done, set aside.

5 minutes before serving add shrimp stir, and serve.


Dropping the Baton & Blog Hops

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OOOOOPS! I dropped the baton again. Maybe that's the reason I don't do baton blog hops often. This weekend I put Margo's Choice free on Amazon and today is the last free day.

Marilyn Baron, a long time member of Georgia Romance Writers, tapped me and I accepted the challenge to find others to follow me. Look for her awesome accomplishments at
 The lady has published books with The Wild Rose Press and Independently. Check out her mysteries!

Well, finding new victims was like looking for a virgin in Sodom and Gomorroh. Or was it a Godly man in either city? The memory fades. Check out Genesis,  Chapter 19 and read a story that will curl your hair and explain the origin of some of our sexual terms.
I already described my writing process on earlier but the short version is that characters usually take up residence in my mind and bug me until I write their books. Or I ask myself a few "what if" questions and one usually gets me moving.

With Margo's Choice I asked what would a woman do if the man she had always loved but hated because he didn't claim their daughter planned to return to town. Why does she hate him? Because he left her to join the Marines and made sure his assignments wouldn't allow her to follow him.( I needed back story to explain how she felt now.) Why does she love him or fall for his charm when he returns for visits? Part of her wants him to make amends for not believing their second child was his, for leaving her and becoming distant when she needed him. She hasn't found a man she loved as deeply as she loved him.

The challenge was whether he could do anything, or even wanted to, to earn her forgiveness. Some critique partners wanted me to make it a romance, while others said they would NEVER understand or forgive her if she forgave him.

I'd say my stories must be different, since critique partners say I can't let my characters do the things they do.

I'm not tapping anyone, but feel free to jump in and even change the topic. 
Don't forget to grab a copy of Margo's Choice FREE!!!
PS. I have a topic in mind!

What would make you forgive him, and I don't mean an apology from him.

Josie--Deals of the Day

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It's a rainy Monday here in South Carolina, but the deals are still great, and better yet, still free. Ben & Jerry's is hosting a free ice cream cone day on April 8th. Pick any flavor and enjoy. Amazon's Kindle offer daily free books on a broad variety of subjects. Some of the many offers for today include: 21 Days to Change Your body, by Helen Ryan Natural Health Remedies How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets Enjoy, and please remember that many of these deals are timely, so act quickly.

Josie--Deals of the Day

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I love to share all my deals, especially when they are free or very inexpensive! First, begin all your mornings, (at least until April 13th) with a free small cup of McCafe coffee at participating McDonald's during normal breakfast hours. No purchase necessary. Second, check your circulars for Harbor Freight. Absolutely free all month with coupon are a tape measure, led flashlight, and screwdriver set. This deal is in-store only. For $1.00, Yankee Candle is offering votive tarts, wax melts, and car fresheners, so stock up. Limit 30 per customer. And last is Men's comfort fit stainless steel rings are free, up to a $109.99 value. Just pay shipping of $4.99. These are beautiful rings, BTW. Happy Shopping!

I did my first radio interview on Friday, March 28 with Bennet Pomerantz. Not only was it a blast, I received another 5 start review:

5.0 out of 5 stars Funny Beauty Aides, March 30, 2014
By Bennet Pomerantz "Bennet Pomerantz, AUDIOWORLD" (College Park, Maryland) - See all my reviews (VINE VOICE) ...

This review is from: Sex, Lies, and Beauty Aides (Kindle Edition)

I just had Deb Julienne as one of my guests on my ANYTHING GOES blog talk radio show on March 28, 2014--I told her on air, I want to read this book. From her recanting of what this book is, it seemed a light airy novel I could enjoy. Plus she and Lisa Alber were great guests that night, we all seem to have so much fun. You should check out the archive of the show on the blog talk site.

So after the show, Deb sent me an email copy of this book. Weird thing, as soon as she sent me the email copy, I read it. Something I don't usually do...even for authors I know.

Well my first judgment of the book, when she spoke about it on my radio show, was totally spot on. She delivered a romantic novel that made me laugh.

This novel is a nod to Shakespeare's A Comedy of Errors with lovers and twin brothers. It enchanted me. This novel was also funny as had one foot based in being in reality. It has humor, the comedy of the situation came out from his plotting. This is something you don't always get in a romantic novel.

The one amazing thing It did not try for in this book was the formula twin brother/sister crap that you see so much in sitcoms (ala Sister Sister, Patty Duke show, or the Disney Channel's new hit Liv and Maddie). Ms Julienne crafted a story I truly loved and that worked on so many levels.

The question now is, when is the sequel to this book coming out, Deb?

Bennet Pomerantz

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