Callie was recently a guest on my blog, and I liked the sound of her book, so I bought it on Amazon.  I was very happy that I couldn't put the "book" down, but read it in two sittings.

The story is about a world-renowned concert pianist and an intellectual property attorney--an unlikely couple, but Ash's Fire pulls you in and keeps you turning the pages.  Set in Tel Aviv, in the first chapter, the heroine's husband asks her if she will condone his having an affair with his gym coach.  Here is the link to my review:

If you'd like to learn more about the book, read an excerpt and learn a little about Callie, please visit her post on my blog:

Here's just a teaser:

“Did you tell Sam?” Judith asked.


“Good girl. And it’s a good thing he knew you were seeing someone,” she said. “How did he take it?”

“Fine, I think,” Jordan said. “No major blowups.”

“Jordan, what are you guys doing? This is seriously dangerous,” Judith said.

“I know.”

“So are you going to end your fling with Ari?”

“I don’t think it’s a fling, Jude,” Jordan heard herself say. “And I’m not giving him up.”
“We’re going to have a serious conversation about all of this, you know,” Judith said, exhaling.

“But for now, tell me, can you work like that?”

“I can work just fine,” Jordan said.

“You’re the worst liar in the world.”

“Sam said the same thing.”

“Was Ari shocked to see you when you walked in the office?” Judith asked.

Jordan paused. “No, he wasn’t.”

Happy Friday everyone!!!

Mary Marvella, Melba Moon, and Jackie Rod are more excited than they can express! They just published an anthology of short stories you need. Each of the 12 stories will touch your heart. Some will even tickle your funny bone.

Praise for A Stone Mountain Christmas:  From elves and Santa to gifts that bring joy.  Twelve Christmas stories that will put a smile on your face and warm your heart.
--NYT Best-selling author, Rebecca York author of the Decorah Security Series

You must get A Stone Mountain Christmas Anthology now. Don't wait!

In Matt's Christmas Angel by Mary Marvella read about Gwen, whose great grandmother has been altering the family wedding gown. G. Granny says Gwen will need the gown to marry Matt, Gwen's best friend. Marriage has never been mentioned, but she and Matt have twelve days of good deeds to do before Christmas. "Matt's Christmas Angel" should make you feel like doing good things for others.

Ask Melba to tell you about her story.

ALSO: If you love a bargain,
Haunting Tales of Spirit Lake is 99 cents for this week only. Grab it before the price goes back to normal.  You can enjoy 9 spooky stories about a phantom ship that appears in a North Georgia Lake. Each author tells how the ship got there and why.

What would you do if your dream pirate  came to take you away from your boring life?
Read "Vivian's Secret Desire" to see what the librarian did.

"Do Your Own" Holiday scent

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Writers incorporate tastes and scents into their books to immerse the reader into the world the writers are creating.

As we near the Holiday season, many of us share favorite recipes. I’m assuming your Thanksgiving menu is planned so instead I’ll share a recipe for a “Do Your Own” holiday scent you can keep simmering on top of the stove all day long.

You’ll need:
1 orange- slice the peel and add a couple orange slices (eat the rest)
1 or 2 cinnamon sticks
1 cut up apple—use the peel and apple

Place all ingredients in a pot of water, bring to boil, then simmer.
The fragrance is warm and inviting and you can use this recipe throughout the holidays to give your home the perfect welcoming fragrance.

My novels are set in Tudor England, and I’ve learned to incorporate the foods used during that time period, such as roasted fresh meat and game, desserts such as sweet marzipan and figs, as well as the scents of large, smokey fireplaces for warmth.