Last Sunday I blogged about food and Francine Bryson’s delicious pie recipe featuring the name of a celebrity-- (See Bobbie Deen)

Now that I’ve gained 5 lbs from eating this pie, let’s turn today to Provence, France. In particular, Chateau Miraval, and take a look at some other celebrities.

Super celebrities Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie purchased this chateau for $60 million dollars.

Chateau Miraval sits on 1200 acres, so the couple decided to start making wine.
Not alone, of course, but with the help of Marc Perrin, well-known winemaker.

The result is a pink wine which resulted in high praise,

It’s aptly named:
Château Miraval Côtes de Provence rosé.

In the words of Wine Spectator, 2013:

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have released their first wine, a 2012 rose from their Provence estate, Chateau Miraval. In a blind tasting of a flight of Provençal roses at Wine Spectator's New York office, the wine was refined and elegant, with pure flavors of dried red berry and tangerine, and a focused finish with flint and spice notes. It scored 90 points, or outstanding, on Wine Spectator's 100-point scale."

Unfortunately, this wine is sold out, but there’s always next year.


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Do you believe in dreams?  Not, dreams, or daydreams,  about the goals you hope to reach eventually, but real night dreams you are deep asleep.

You may remember your dreams when you wake up. You may totally forget them. Or you may just have a certain feeling about your dream.
Exhausted grandma sleeping while baby is wide-awake

I don’t dream every night or if I do I don’t always remember the dream. However when I wake up in the morning sometimes I have a premonition that my dream will come true. This type of sensitivity to dreams has scared the hell out of me when I became aware of it.

When I was in high school and later in college, I studied very hard. With all the material cluttering my mind I often dreamed about exam questions. The strange thing was that more often than not the questions I dreamed about were on the exam sheet. My classmates got into the habit of insisting I tell them what questions I dreamed of on the exam days and immediately went to brush up on the subject one last time.

Years ago, I dreamed of my great-grandmother who died a month before my wedding. In my dream, she was lying in bed, holding a sheet of paper and calling names. The first name she called was that of my dad, and then one of my uncles and then another. The terrible thing is that my father and uncles died in the order she called them.

Another time when my son was engaged, I had a dream five months before the wedding. In my dream, his fiancée was standing at the altar and wearing a lovely wedding dress, but she took it off and threw it on the floor. A week later, my son called to say his fiancée broke their engagement.

I can tell you many similar stories. I was in China, I dreamed that my mother was sick. I tried to call her, call my sister and email my friends. I finally learned that Mom was in the hospital.

Not all my dreams are about tragedies or death. When my daughter was pregnant, I dreamed she had a blonde baby girl with blue eyes. And she did.

I can’t explain why my dreams come true. Is that considered paranormal?
Sometimes, I am afraid to sleep because I am afraid of my own dreams. I can’t write paranormal stories. Paranormal in books is one thing, but in real life?

Does it happen to you? Did your dream ever come true?

How do you feel when you read or write paranormal romances?

I know you have all seen the U-Haul moving vans with the ad “An Adventure in Moving” on the trucks.  Though not in a U-Haul, I have been immersed in that Adventure.   The fine print reads that “adventure” does not always translate to “fun”.  An adventure can be an ordeal.  Unfortunately, my purchase, sale and relocation to my new home have been less than pleasant in most aspects.

We signed the contracts in late August, but for one reason or another, the closing had to be rescheduled several times, and I finally moved on September 9th from the city to a suburb about 8 miles down Texas 288.  The second ordeal was the move itself.  I was not at all pleased with my movers.  They could give the tortoise a run for his money in the slow department.  I had only a dining room table and china cabinet and bedroom (having sold most of the furniture with the condo) to move, but it took 5 hours!  In the Texas heat!  Granted, I had a lot of boxes, but…  All-Some Movers do not win my recommendation.  They also treated my fragile boxes like footballs.  I’m praying that my crystal and china are okay.

I love my new house, but I am giving her a little “facelift”.   I know it is always a mistake to try to live in a home you are renovating.   I might have stayed in a hotel, but I have a rather large and loveable cat to consider.  Spencer is very easy going, but he’s far too big to smuggle into a roadside inn.  So, here I am in the middle of chaos.  A couple more days, however, and it should be done.  Then I can actually straighten up (my clothes are in a heap on the living room rug), clean and settle in to watch my new TV.  Game of Thrones and Outlander, here I come!

The facelift includes new wood flooring in a rich hickory throughout, with the exception of the foyer, baths and kitchen, which are in tile.   The kitchen is a white marble-look shot with beige.   The baths are difficult to describe, but are called “Ginger”—not orange at all but tend a bit to the pinkish.   I’ll run pictures later.   The baths are the final touch, completed hopefully today and tomorrow.  Of course, they can only do one at the time because you are not supposed to walk on them for 24 hours.
Last night, I treated myself to dinner at Texas Roadhouse Grill—a small sirloin, salad and loaded baked potato.  I had to send the steak back once because it was overdone, but it was really good and I needed the energy, having neglected things like food during this Adventure.

It has been fun replacing the furniture.   I bought a slate leather sofa and huge entertainment center at The Dump.  The kitchen is large enough to accommodate a black bistro table with white leather stools.  My decorating plan for the kitchen is “wine”, and I ordered cute wooden plaques with wine bottle labels for one wall.  One plaque I must have!  “I cook with wine.  Sometimes I even put it in the food.”

Yesterday, my son took me to a used office furniture place.  I found a nice gray chair with colored squiggles in the fabric and a cherry filing cabinet with bookcase at a very reasonable price.
Soon (fingers crossed) I should be all settled in.  I plan to have a housewarming party.  You’re invited!

Have an excellent weekend!!