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I hope you had a lovely Easter or at least a lovely Sunday!

What kind of telephones do you have? Do you have land lines? Do you have a smart phone? Does the brand name matter? Share or confess. 

I still have my land line. I have a cell phone, but it isn't fancy. I have a drawer so I can use keys to text. 

My daughter wanted to get me a smart phone and put me on her account. My baby brother beat her to the draw and added me to his and ordered a smart phone! This is momentous, because we thought he had early onset Alzheimers and he wants to teach me how to use one! 

Share and I'll make someone give a prize!

I love my second job!

It's so much fun to screw with characters and watch them try to survive.

I just finished Book II of my Twisted Sisters Club Series: Antics, Antidotes, and Angel

Introducing: Summer Glau and Angel Talbot

And Paul Walker and Travis Wellington

Tag line: Angel Talbot turns heads and hearts with her wedding creations, sexy lingerie and display of adult toys in Antics, Antidotes, and Angel

Unofficial Blurb: Angeline Talbot has everything she wants, well almost. Due to the economy she’s had to close her wedding salon and concentrate on her store “Angeline’s” where she sells her own designs of lingerie as well as a delightful selection of adult toys. A man in her life would only cause problems, especially one as gregarious, handsome, and humorous as Travis Wellington. Who needs problems like that, certainly not Angel?

Travis Wellington, coming off a thirty-day stay in Palm Springs finally sees the clarity of life with his sobriety, he wants what his brother has: a job he’s proud of, an adoring wife, and utterly content. The only problem is he can’t convince Angel to give him a chance, until she loses a bet and agrees to a date. The night is spectacular, but when he wakes up in the morning she’s gone.

Convincing Angel they right for one another takes them on a crazy ride, with the Blue-haired brigade and well-meaning family and friends running interference. Will anyone survive unscathed?

This story is off to my editor, fingers crossed she likes it.

Have a great day!


--> Please welcome my dear friend Carol Burnside. She's just in time to enjoy our fireplace for late April cold weather!

Her Unexpected Family by Carol Burnside
This book is the second in the Sweetwater Springs series of stand-alone books by this author.  

Former bad boy, Travis Baxter, has a reputation to live down, a job to do fast, and one woman he can’t seem to avoid. He’s starting a 24/7 renovation flip on Claire’s beauty salon when a surprise appears at his door . . . a three-year-old son. Immediate custody brings Travis a major problem. He needs a nanny.

Claire Larkin glimpsed a rare and appealing side of Travis during one ill-fated date, but her personal policy is no involvement, no strings. Not even a pet until she’s pronounced cancer free. With free time until her salon is done, Claire pitches in to help the grieving little boy and stunned father. Despite her best efforts to resist, she and Travis succumb to their attraction.

When it appears Claire’s cancer has returned, she pulls away and Travis is faced with a seemingly impossible decision. Protect his son from another loss or support the woman he’s come to love?

Warning: This book contains hair salon gossip, hunky construction workers, sex in the shower, sudden humor and it might tempt you to gorge on pizza and brownies. Even so, at certain points the reader may wish to keep tissues handy.

Fans of Marie Ferrarella, Tanya Michaels, Leanne Banks and Susan Mallery will enjoy this series, which contains sensual romance against a backdrop of family and community. 

Book 1: A Suitable Wife (Rosie and Sam), January, 2014
Book 3: His Small Town Princess (J.T. and Cass), Coming soon
Other titles are planned for this series.
- - - - -
Carol Burnside is an award-winning author of the Sweetwater Springs series of contemporary romance with serious sizzle. Her personal second-chance-at-love story resulted in a marriage to her high school sweetheart of thirty-plus years. Also published in short stories, Carol’s novel length manuscripts have placed in numerous contests and won five, including the prestigious Maggie Award for Excellence.

Writing as Annie Rayburn, she produces soft sci-fi and lite paranormal erotic romances which have been favorably received. Talk about cross-genre! Enjoy excerpts, review snippets, and more about her sexy Crainesian characters on her website  or connect with her on www.PetitFoursAndHotTamales.com.

Connect with her online via Website / Facebook / Twitter / Newsletter / Goodreads / Pinterest  or email her at Carol@CarolBurnside.com

Read 1st chapter here: http://wp.me/P1e7XX-XY
Buy links are here: http://wp.me/P1e7XX-68

Carol is offering a Her Unexpected Family for a comment picked at random.