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Today I am thrill to have the authors from Black Lace's latest anthology: Seductions. As I write this, I am waiting for the third author to join us, so if you see posts from Shada Royce and Kristisa Wright, but not one from Shayla Kersten, come back! Shayla's will be an addition to the blog today. Today's post is long, but I think if you read through it, you'll be wanting this book, which I am of course giving away to one lucky commenter. As always, comment here and on Cynderella's Castle for double the chance to win!

Shada Royce is a good friend I've known for about two years. I remember the first RWA chapter meeting she attended and she fit like a glove with this group. Not only does she write wonderful romance, she works a fulltime job as a civil engineer. She currently serves as our RWA chapter president, but will be missing our meeting this weekend. But she has a good excuse. She has been choosen Outstanding Alumni for the College of Engineering at the University of Arkansas. (If I've got the award wrong, I'm sure she'll correct me.) I believe this may be her first guest blog, so everyone be nice to her! Shada lives in Central Arkansas. When she isn't playing professional enginner, photographer, volunteer or mom, she spends her time writing and honing her craft.

Kristina Wright is one of my tweet buddies on Twitter. (If you don't know what Twi
tter is, get thee to Twitter.com and grab hold of the hottest thing going!) Since Shada and Shayla are both chaptermates and friends, I didn't hesitate to draft them to guest blog. Kristina answered my Twitter plea to visit PFSW and help us decorate the place for the day! Kristina claims to be an the insomniac writer whose mind is always working, even late into the night. She's a full-time writer, as well as a perpetual college student and community college adjunct. She lives in Virginia with her husband Jay and their menagerie of pets.

I asked each lady to basically tell us whatever she wanted to about her story in this anthology. Take it away, ladies!

Shada Royce

In the summer of 2008, fellow DSRA member and friend Delilah Devlin issued our chapter a challenge - answer the call for submissions for the 'Seduction' Anthology from Black Lace. I took the challenge on a whim, another opportunity to write a story and another opportunity to sumbit. I never imagined I'd be chosen for the Anthology and I am so excited to be published with such well-known erotica writers.

The 'Seduction' Anthology:

Twelve Steps is a story of a woman who sets out on a path to sexual self discovery by developing a twelve-step program which leads her to seduce a stranger in a library and thereby releaseing her inner vixen. The threat of having a tryst in a public location, with a stranger, only heightens her desire. In the end, she finds letting go of the reigns may be the ultimate step to any seduction.


‘Excuse me?’

The library attendant on duty turned around as I leaned across the counter. ‘Can I help you?’ He smiled, the small scar above his lip stretched with the action. My gaze focused on his firm, full lips. Flashes of how his hot, wet mouth would feel trailing a path down my shoulder made me dizzy. A wave of heat flashed over my skin as I considered what I was about to do, what I prayed I had the gumption to do.

A breeze drifted from the door to caress the length of my bare legs and flirt with the naked, heated flesh under my skirt. The cooling effect of the tendrils of the wind’s breath reminded me of my state of undress. Knowing I didn’t have on knickers brought a rush of fluttering sensations pulsing through my body, bringing goose bumps to my heated skin and tightening my over-sensitive nipples. I shifted over the counter, bringing my arms together so my breasts pushed against my hot pink tank top.

He glanced down at my cleavage then back to my face with little more than a blink.

I cleared my throat, a little unnerved by his nonchalance to my display. Looking around, I leaned over before whispering my request. ‘Do you have any books on oral sex?’

This time his eyebrows shot up into his hairline before snapping together in a tight vee over his blue eyes. ‘Is this some kind of joke?’

I leaned over further, giving him the full view down my shirt. ‘No, I’m doing research.’

‘On oral sex?’ His lips tilted to the side and my heart fluttered against my breast. Steadying my resolve, I stuffed back the urge to look away. Instead, I pinned him with what I hoped was my steamiest, come-hither look.

‘Uh-huh.’ I finally managed, and twisted my finger through a lock of my hair. The seconds between my question and his response stretched on. Would he tell me to get lost? Would he call security? My face bloomed with a rush of heat from the twisting of embarrassment tying a knot in my stomach.

‘On giving or receiving?’ he asked, breaking the unforgiving silence. The straight planes of his face revealed nothing behind his ice blue eyes. I swallowed, fighting the urge to tuck tail and run. Throwing caution to the wind, I glanced at him from beneath my lowered lashes.

‘Receiving.’ I managed in a low, sultry voice.


Okay, Krisina. Take it away!

Hi there! I'm so delighted to be visiting Pink Fuzzy Slipper Writers-- though I must confess I prefer bare feet to fuzzy slippers! I've been writing short erotic fiction for several years, but I've only recently begun writing erotic romance. My story in Seduction marks my first appearance in a Black Lace anthology, satisfying a long time dream! It's an honor to be included in the same anthology with Shayla Kersten and Shayda Royce.

"The Rancher's Wife" is a sensual, tension-filled reunion story about two very different people on the brink of divorce. The only thing they have in common is their passion for each other. Here's a taste:

Win groaned and the sound was primal and startling.

Leslie jerked her hand away as if she had been burned. He wrapped his long, callused
fingers around her wrist and pulled her hand back to his crotch, pressing it firmly against his erection, staring into her eyes.

Here was the power she missed and longed for, the raw, physical power that had nothing to do with money or prestige. Here was Win, in all his masculine glory, and heaven help her, she wanted him more than she had ever wanted anything in her life.

“You want this,” he said, and it wasn’t a question.

He had always been able to read her and had used it to his advantage. Teasing her, taunting her until she was out of her mind with lust and desire, a woman in need and only one man to satisfy her need.

He knew her, knew her better than anyone, and she hated it—and him—in that moment. Hated him almost enough to get up and walk out and not look back. Almost.


Mmm... did I mention that Win is a cowboy? Who doesn't love a cowboy? :)

In addition to "The Rancher's Wife" in Seduction, I'm very excited to also have stories forthcoming in the Black Lace anthologies Liaisons and Sexy Little Numbers.

Thanks for this lovely opportunity to share my writing with you and I hope you all will stop by my blog www.kristinawright.com and say hello!

OH MY! Who doesn't love a cowboy!! I may have to enter myself in this book drawing!

Now that Shayla Kersten's checked-in, tell us about your story.

Hiya! Yes, I am a ditz. I knew today was the release date of Seduction. And I knew I was supposed to have a blog post at Pink Fuzzy Slippers on the day Seduction released. Yet in my scatterbrained way, I didn’t associate the two with April 14!

The Shopping List was the result of a challenge among the Diamond State Romance Authors. Three of us submitted and two of us sold! I was thrilled to be in the anthology with galpal Shada!

A quick blurb: A shopgirl finds a man and woman helping themselves to the privacy of her store’s fitting room. She’s fascinated at the sexual freedom of the couple-something she longs for but can’t find the strength to do-until they catch her watching and invite her into their closeted playground. But what will her boyfriend do when he catches her in a threesome?

And then an excerpt:

At five minutes to closing, Morin Lansing flipped off the ‘open’ sign and the display window lights then stormed across the store to the dressing room. Paul would be here in half an hour to pick her up. Time to ask her customers to leave.

The man had insisted on being in the dressing room with his girlfriend…wife…


The two of them went through at least twenty different dresses. Three of the last four draped over the rod holding the privacy curtain.

Morin opened her mouth to speak but stopped as a soft moan slipped through the thin curtain. She raised her hand to knock on the doorframe but a breathy groan made her hesitate.

Peering through a tiny opening in the curtain, revealed the woman–fair and curvy–, her shoulders pressed against the wall with her hips pushed forward. The woman’s mouth hung agape, her tongue skittered across her full lower lip.

Morin dropped her gaze. Following the swell of the woman’s breasts, past the six hundred dollar dress–not yet paid for–hiked around her waist and found the dark-haired man with his face buried in the apex of the woman’s thighs. His hands rustled under a swath of expensive silk near her ass.

Heat swirled in Morin’s lower stomach. An ache of need reminded her of Paul’s recent neglect in the bedroom.

‘Jason…’ The woman breathed his name like a reverent prayer. ‘We shouldn’t…’

Jason lifted his head. ‘Come on, baby… You know the rules. If it’s on your list, you have to go through with it.’ The staid suit jacket was gone and his tie pulled loose, dangling down his open shirt.

‘List?’ Morin’s lips mouthed the word. Her teeth caught her bottom lip, forcing silence. Curiosity kept her still, suppressing a shiver of desire.

‘I know.’ The woman’s whisper was almost inaudible.

Jason’s hands ran down her thighs and back up again. ‘Hey, the list thing was your idea but we can stop if you want to.’

‘No!’ Her fingers ran through his hair. ‘No…’

This time the word was gentler. She banged the back of her head against the wall with a soft thud. ‘What if the salesgirl comes back?’

Standing, Jason planted a quick kiss on the woman’s mouth. He sucked on her lower lip then murmured, ‘Then we get caught. Wasn’t that part of the excitement? Part of what got you so hot to begin with?’

A shudder swept through Morin from the base of her neck, down her spine and straight to her sex. ‘You’re so sexy…standing there exposing yourself,’ Jason mumbled between kisses. ‘Sara, so hot…’

Sara wrapped one leg around Jason’s thigh. Her body undulated against her lover’s crotch. A flush reddened her creamy breasts rising up her throat then to her face. ‘Yes…’ Her whisper barely reached Morin’s ears. ‘Let’s do it.’

The Shopping List is my first story with Black Lace. Another DSRA challenge resulted in the sale of my story In Heat, which will be in the anthology Sexy Little Numbers in August. This time, four Diamonds submitted and three sold! Give us time and we’ll have a Black Lace antho with all the Diamonds in it! Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks ladies for dropping by. This sounds like a wonderful anthology!


  1. Beth Trissel // April 14, 2009 at 1:10 PM  

    I'm delighted to have you ladies here on the Fuzzies. Very interesting post. The sizzle didn't escape my sleepy stare (still recovering from a very busy and long holiday weekend.) Smoking.
    I am on Twitter but mostly over at myspace. Love those pics.

  2. Shada_Royce // April 14, 2009 at 1:16 PM  

    Yes Cyndi, I have to correct. I am being honored as the 2009 Outstanding Young Alumni of the College of Engineering (University un-named).

    And I also have another story set for publication with Blakc Lace in the "Sexy Little Numbers" Anthology due out August 2009. So look for "Wet & Wild" - I promise you won't want to miss the story!

  3. Diana Cosby // April 14, 2009 at 1:21 PM  

    Congratulations on being part of the Seduction's anthology!


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    Wow, very hot! Congrats to both of you for being in the anthology. And Shada, congratulations on your award!

    I just came back from the library, and I'm laughing about the librarian story and wondering how that would work in my library.

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    Congrats on the anthology. I love the fact that we have several budding authors here from the little state of AR.

    Way to go!!


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    Helen-- oh yes... cowboys are delicious. :)

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