Since many of us enjoy animal stories, I'm sharing this one, with the permission of the cat owner. There is such a thing as too much excitement for one night.
The Night All Hall Broke Loose at My House

The cat was sleeping in the dog's crate with the door open. She stretched her back legs and one went through the bars of the crate. She managed to weave it through 4 of the bars. When she tried to move she was trapped. Immediately she went into fits of hissing and spitting, spinning over and around scratching and biting.

The dog, hearing the noise, jumped down from the sofa where she'd been napping beside me and went to investigate. When she saw the cat, she entered the crate with the wild cat and that's went all hell broke loose! The cat was fighting the dog and the crate, the dog turned into Cujo and was fighting back.

About this time I entered the fray. I pulled the dog out of the crate and reached for the cat, who continued to spin and spew with her leg trapped. The dog ran back into the crate and I had to pull her out and slam the crate door closed to keep her out.

My daughter heard the noise and came downstairs. I shoved the dog at her and told her to put her up somewhere. At this point, I hadn't seen the cat's trapped leg, since she was too busy spinning and spewing. Don't know how she was spinning with her leg trapped, but she was. I thought the cat was having some kind of fit.

When she had worn herself down and stopped for a moment, I saw her leg and figured out what was going on. Every time I tried to reach to free her she'd go wild again. Finally I managed to reach behind the crate and I pushed her toes back through the bars. She was then able to pull her leg back through the bars and free herself.

She ran out of the cage and behind the end table, dripping blood all over the living room carpet. It was pooled all over the place and it scared her so bad that she pooped all over herself and the cage. I went upstairs and called my son to come help us with the cat. It looked like she was going to bleed to death!

Finally we were able to get the cat into the kitchen where the floor is tile and waterproof. She bled all over the kitchen, but settled down in the corner, finally, and when her heart rate slowed the bleeding slowed. She finally stopped bleeding and went down to her sandbox in the laundry room. We put water and food for her there and closed the door. I checked on her periodically all night to be sure she'd stopped bleeding and was okay.

In the meantime, the dog was locked up in the bathroom upstairs. She didn't see the cat when we got her loose, so when she came out of the bath and all she saw as blood all over the carpet and both the crate and cat were gone. I didn't let her go into the laundry room,because I didn't want the cat and dog fighting anymore.

Well, my daughter took the dog to bed with her, but she wouldn't go to bed. She whined and whined and finally had to come back downstairs with me. She looked all over the house for the cat. She didn't settle down until after 10 this morning when the cat came out of the laundry room and she looked all right. (They grew up together and really do love one another)

We tried carpet cleaner to no avail. I now have a crime scene in my living room. If CSI were to come here they'd think someone had been murdered in here!

I'm getting new floors in the living room, den and my office. We went to Home Depot and bought it this afternoon.

How was your day?


  1. Beth Trissel // July 16, 2008 at 1:21 PM  

    I luv a good cat/dog story! This is great.

  2. Mary Ricksen // July 16, 2008 at 4:28 PM  

    In the mean time use hydrogen peroxide on the blood. Takes it right out.

  3. Nightingale // July 17, 2008 at 9:57 AM  

    I absolutely loved this Cat-astrophe story. Gives full meaning to fighting like cats and dogs. I had a horse once who trapped his leg in the fence. He lay there quietly until we freed him then nuzzled his thanks. But I love cats, even though they are quirky. I felt so sorry for this miss kitty.