( Kate wanted a dream man. What she got was an underachieving demon for a one-night stand. Problem is...she's fallen for him, and he's on his way back to Hell--mission accomplished!)


"Wasn't that a great movie?" Kate asked as she slid into the booth beside Selena.

"Yeah!" Audrey agreed breathlessly, waving at a passing waitress. "I just looove Sean Donovan!"

"Oooh, ooh!" Jennie mocked, giving her a wide-eyed stare. "Don't we just love those Bad Boys?"

"Huh, not me," Selena declared, pulling the menu from Audrey's hands.

"Well, I certainly do," Kate replied, "and Mister Sean can put his shoes under my bed any time!" She plucked the menu from Selena's fingers and studied it intently. "We'll have four Specials!"
The waitress scribbled on her little pad, nodded, and walked away.

"Girl, how can you say that?" Selena stared at her. "You mean you'd like to be treated like the girl in that movie? He was so mean to her!"

"Yes, he was," Kate smiled at the waitress as she placed a mouth-watering Special Grill'r Burger Deluxe with fries--their usual order--in front of her, "but when they got together--did you see those sparks! Yee-Hah!"

She gave a loud theatrical sigh.

"He's so handsome--all that red hair and those green eyes--"

"Wouldn't touch 'em," Selena stated. "Just remember what my Grandma told me: 'A red-headed man is the Devil's own chile!'"

That earned her a scornful laugh.

"In that case--" Kate raised her hands above her head in supplication, "Ole Debbil Satan, send me your baddest Bad Boy, 'cause I'm ready and waitin' and definitely willin'!"

Outside, there was a loud clap of thunder, so violent that the glass in the little restaurant's windows rattled.

"Wow!" Kate peered out, looking upward at the sky. "Is it starting to rain?"

"No," answered Selena, picking up her burger. "That was just the Devil, granting
your wish. Eat your fries. They're getting cold!"

("Demon in Blue Jeans" will be online and available for download at The Wild Rose Press on October 29, 2008.)


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