Eyes. Try a modern cat eye look. Make your liner line super thin and very close to the lash line. Brush on a light dusting of powder or shadow to avoid smudging.

A pre-makeup face massage activates circulation and makes moisturizer soak so everything looks moist.

Primer fills in lines and makes makeup last. You can use a thin brush to place concealer in lines you want to disguise. Pat to smooth. Use a sponge or foundation brush to apply liquid or cream foundation if you don't have concealer.

If you use mineral powders, brush on powder, then go over it with a damp brush.


Apply a pinkish brown blush under cheekbones to create contours and add color. Brush a light, sparkley powder above cheekbones for a youthful look and to accentuate your cheekbones.

Berry shades of blush are perfect for natural look.

Dab bronze shimmer cream above the end of each eyebrow to make your eye look lifted. Look, Mom, no surgery!

Puffy eyes? Hold a cold cloth on the puffy area as a compress.You can put the cloth in the freezer for seconds.

To make puffy eyes seem less puffy, use a concealer brush to place concealer on the shadowy area beneath the bags and gently press with your fingertip. Concealer on the puffy area makes your eyes look even puffier so keep the concealer in the dark area.

Try a light foundation the same way.Use a brush or your fingertip and dot the foundation where you need it.Always be gentle and don't try too many steps.

Dark circles
Yellow based concealer counteracts red, purple, or blue tints. Dot under your eye and blend with your fingertips.

To prevent creasing begin with a hydrating under eye cream or lotion. Let it soak in, then dab away excess cream.

Let concealer warm to skin temperature before blending. It will warm on your finger tips with light rubbing.

Dust powder over the concealer to keep in place.

If you have dry skin or lines, dust powder lightly.

The larger your powder brush, the lighter your powder will apply.

Check for previous articles about eye makeup, including mascara application.


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