Would he hurt Yolanda? Her gaze darted to each corner of the great hall. There must be a way to escape. The task was daunting—the hall too large to comprehend. She fidgeted with her gown, glanced one way, then the other.

In one liquid motion, the earl caught her from behind, holding her immovable. He wrapped his arms around her and gave a slight squeeze. “Do you know why you were escorted here?” His massive and powerful body pressed against hers, strangely unsettling. The cool sleek fabric of his shirt slid against her bare arms.

“You mean stolen?” Standing tall, she glowered. “You have confused the words.” No one intimidated her, indeed not this worthless gadje.

His lips twitched, so subtle she might have imagined it. He loosened his hold but kept his arms wrapped around her.

“Lord Colchester summoned you to his country estate to read his fortune,” Sir Geoffrey intoned.


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