Sinners’ Obsession is the sequel to Sinners’ Opera (check out the Amazon reviews)—and here’s the book video:


Sinners’ Obsession, Book 2 of the Obsession Series:

A frantic mother researches her daughter's flawed DNA in a race against time, suffering disappointment after disappointment in her search for a cure.

In this sequel to Sinners' Opera, Morgan D'Arcy, English lord, classical pianist and vampire, finally wins his Isabeau. Six months of painful separation have eroded Isabeau's need to remain true to her wicked bargain with the most powerful vampire in the world, Lucien St. Albans. During their estrangement, Isabeau gives birth to Morgan's daughter, Eroica—a DarkeChilde, half-human and half-vampire, outlawed by the Vampyre Code. She loves Morgan too much to live without him and relents to his enticing pursuit, but a dangerous confession nearly shatters their idyllic existence. In a dark moment, Morgan tells Isabeau their child carries a defective gene that will cause Eroica to go mad at puberty.

Eroica D'Arcy is the subject of Isabeau's deal with the devil. When their beautiful blonde daughter reaches her twentieth birthday, she is promised to the Dark Prince of vampires, Lucien St. Albans.


Sinners’ Opera, the book of my heart, was the first one I wrote, and it was years in the making and editing from over 1,000 pages to 171 published in 2013 by Double Dragon Publishing, a Canadian publisher.   My editor at DDP asked for a sequel, and Sinners’ Obsession was born.  I had already begun a prequel, Sinners’ Waltz.  In that long ago beginning, I didn’t anticipate writing a series, but I seem to have done so!  So, I needed a name for the series and, very originally, I have called the Morgan trilogy, the Obsession Series.
Morgan D’Arcy, the hero, is an English lord, a classical pianist and … a vampire.   Sinners’ Opera is Isabeau’s and Morgan’s story.  Sinners' Obsession is Lucien's and Eroica's story.
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  1. debjulienne // August 8, 2014 at 12:31 PM  

    Can't wait to read it...Love the way your mind works!

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    Congrats Linda on a fabulous new release!

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    Congrats! Love the cover. Wishing you many, many sales and great reviews. You rock!

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    What they said and more! I hope this one catches fire and sells the others!

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    Wow. What an exciting story premise, Linda. :)

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    What a great cover Linda!!!! Looking forward to reading it!!

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    As usual, I am in awe of you and your talent, Linda. Sincere congrats on your latest release.