I am Tran Daylin--that's one of my names, anyway. I've also been called the Death General--and I'm the so-called villain of the piece. I make no excuse for anything I've done. On my planet, I'm a man to look up to, a model of bravery and leadership, and all my acts have been done for the Empire. It's only the Terrans--and a hundred other pitifully pacifistic species--who think otherwise. I will say this, though--whatever I did, I'd do again, for the Emperor, for my planet--but no matter what, I will always love Andrea Talltrees. Even in my present predicament, even though it was her testimony which put me here, I will always desire her. And some day, I'll have her back again, if I have to rip her from that damned half-breed's arms!

I remember the first time I saw her, the day I asked her father for work, shortly after arriving on Terra. She was twelve, with blonde pigtails and blue jeans. I'd never seen such a lovely child and knew that she'd grow into a beautiful woman. For some reason, she liked me and dogged my footsteps as I went about my chores. For three years, I was followed by that lovely little creature, struggling to ignore her--don't get the wrong idea, I have no unnatural urges at all. At that time, she was just a pest! No thirty-year-old man wants a child getting in the way while he's baling hay or running a thresher! Eventually, things changed, however; Andi became a woman, I felt a flutter of interest, and I saw the profit in being affiliated with someone high up in the Naturals' clan, so... shortly after her sixteenth birthday, I went to Vincente and asked permission to marry her. Naturals marry early, so the fact that I was over twice her age didn't matter. She was so sweet, so naive, in spite of living on a farm. Our wedding night might have been a disaster had I been less caring...I won't shame myself by describing the gentle emotions I have for this Earth woman, on my planet, it's weakness to show love. It's effeminate to wear jewelry, also, yet the wedding ring she gave me still adorns my left hand--and woe be to any man who dares ridicule me for doing that--or try to take it away!

I had a plan for Earth, a plan of conquest but it didn't involve Andi or my son. They would've been rescued and spared. Then, those stupid Albegensi torpedoed that freighter and all aliens were arrested! Fortunately, my men helped me escape, and then Andi had to be a loyal, loving wife and go to that damned Felidan and ask for his help. I know about that smuggler. His ship has buzzed the palace of my cousin, the Emperor, many times to show his contempt for us. A place of honor on my cousin's Trophy Wall awaits his head. The day we finally confronted each other, I thought I would fill it, too....

I refuse to speak on this further. I lost Andi, I lost my son, I lost the war, but my men are still out there, and they won't let me languish forever, and someday, Andi, and that smuggler who stole her from me, will pay...dearly....

Someday, Andi...my darling, unfaithful wife...you'll be mine again....

(Sinbad's Wife is the sequel to The Adventures of Sinbad: Sinbad's Last Voyage and will be released this summer by Double Dragon Publications.)


  1. Nightingale // May 22, 2008 at 9:39 PM  

    Intriguing, Toni. Intriguing as always. Your writing always fasinates me because you seem to have the right pace and capture the characters.

  2. Mary Marvella // May 24, 2008 at 3:16 PM  

    Your characters seem so real. Of course that's because they are.