“I trust you will make the right decision, Lord Colchester, and settle our departure. I have missed Wales all these years, and ’tis your birthplace. You must be anxious to return.” Sir Geoffrey tugged off his worn gloves and avoided James’s eyes. “The time is perfect to move Lord Jeremy far from England and the memories of his sister and mother.”

“Do not mention my beautiful daughter and . . . Alyce in the same breath.” James bit out the words in a jagged tone.

“Whereas a dangerous threat may lurk---”

“’Tis not easy to travel with all the castle servants and their baggage in tow, especially when I have a son who is not healthy. He has been ill all summer, and might not be able to withstand such an arduous journey.” James lowered his voice, parted his lips to say more, and thought better of it. He absently stroked Jeremy’s pale cheek with his thumb and hugged him closer to his chest.


  1. Beth Trissel // April 10, 2008 at 12:18 PM  

    Hoo dah. And the adventure continues. Are you sending this out to agents/editors? Entering anymore contests? Considered the Wild Rose? Golly lady, we need to get this puppy published.