We are a quirky group of romance and mystery novelists who blog in the style of an off-center woman's magazine.

The membership cap for columnists is 15. If we are full and you'd like to join, we do have a waiting list. You must be a romance or mystery writer to be considered.

Twice a month, we each schedule a daily topic to blog about:

Sunday: Recipes
Monday: Money, Home & Garden
Tuesday: Travel & Family Activities
Wednesday: Health & Beauty
Thursday: Children & Pets
Friday: Weather, News & History
Saturday: Entertainment--Celebrities, Movies, TV, Music & Books

Twice a month, we each submit prose to showcase our talent and give our audience a free story. This can be a published or unpublished novel excerpt, a teaser from your work-in-progress, a short story, creative nonfiction, poetry or essay. You may include your book cover, link to your website or to buy the book, and contest information if you'd like.

Our content rating is no curse words and no sexually explicit excerpts.

This is primarily a blog to entertain women with things of interest to them. It is not meant to be a hit and run promo site. If you only want to promote your books, please do so on your publisher's site or one of the many groups set up for that purpose.

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This group is owned by Sherry Morris