Eating Italian

By Helen Scott Taylor

Quiet night in alone? Then why not spoil yourself and have an Italian.

Selection of your main ingredient is crucial to ensure maximum dining pleasure. Make sure you chose a fresh specimen, but check to ensure it’s mature and properly filled out as the skinny young ones may leave you wanting more.

Preparation is a delicate process. All outside layers will need to be peeled away. This in itself can be an enjoyable experience if done properly. You’ll know when you reach the skin as in the ideal specimen it will be smooth and firm with an olive tinge.

Once unwrapped, there are various methods of preparation. Some women like them oiled or soaked in warm water. I personally like the idea of covering my Italian in whipped cream with strategically placed cherries or nuts, but many types of fruit work well, and chocolate is ideal if it’s a special occasion.

The recipe can be adapted to individual preference, so be as inventive as you like!

Once prepared, enjoyment is enhanced if you stand back and admire your handiwork for a while before partaking.

Happy eating!

© 2007 Helen Scott Taylor


  1. Cinthia Hamer // August 27, 2007 at 8:40 AM  

    ROTFLOL, Helen, I loved it!

    Personally, I prefer my Italian with dollops of mascarpone cheese and drizzled in chocolate. ;)

  2. Mona Risk // August 28, 2007 at 10:34 AM  

    Where can I order an Italian? No need for special wrapping.