(Today, Icy Snow Blackstone is blogging about her new book, Earthman's Bride.

With the release of the novel Earthman's Bride (first offering in the Tusteyan Annals series), I'd like to present my guest Taryn Spearman, a secondary male character in the story.

TARYN (he is tall, blonde, brown-eyed, a godling wearing leather and carrying a long bow): My thanks, Mistress Blackstone, but--if I may contradict you--I'm not secondary to anyone!

: By that, I mean you aren't the main male character in the story.

Oh. Well. (manfully tries not to look insulted and almost succeeds) If you put it that way... I suppose there are a few men who supercede me in this little tale--like Philip Hamilcar...and that outspoken walking box of bolts Darius. (scowls)

ICB: I take it you don't like Darius much. Is it because he's an android?

TARYN: I don't have anything against androids in particular, but I don't like anything having to do with the Earthmen--or manufactured by them. And I don't trust Earthmen--or their robots--as far as I can toss them!

ICB: Then poor Darius is out of luck on two counts.

TARYN: Poor Darius? (snorts scornfully) Mistress Blackstone, that creature is as strong as three men (looks smug) and that's exactly who it took to destroy him--my two hunting mates and me. We pounded him to bits, buried him. Then Dr. Martin simply dug him up, wiped off the dirt, and put him back together again... (shakes his long blond hair despairingly)

ICB: Yes...I see what you mean. Unlike Humpty Dumpty, Darius was able to be "put together again."

TARYN: Humpty who? Is that a Terran myth?

ICB: Never mind. So you didn't like Darius. Oh, before we go any further, I suppose we should introduce you to everyone. It seems we just jumped right into the interview with both feet.

TARYN: My apologies. My father always said I leap first, then look. He also says that isn't a good habit for a warrior. I'm working on it.

ICB: Your father. He's...

TARYN: Alcin Spearman, once counselor of Tusteya...until those Earthmen invaded and destroyed the city of Ulea and took away our freedom. I'm his eldest son. My mother Rhedora is his Prime Wife.

ICB: Prime wife? How many wives does your father have?

TARYN: Four. (looks proud)

ICB: Four? Oh my.

TARYN: (Defensively) Polygamy was necessary after the attack. Only about a quarter of the warrior caste survived and Father decided to allow a man to take as many wives as he thought he could handle in order to rebuild the population. (laughs) He and my uncle Talbot are the only two with four wives each.

You weren't aware of your father's plan for peace, were you? About offering Rebeka as a bride to the Governor of Tusteya?

(angrily) No! And if I had been, I'd have fought against it. Father knew exactly what I'd do. As it was, I was lucky I was allowed to travel with her to Ulea to deliver his plan under a white flag. I felt so sorry for Rebeka, even if I wasn't allowed to show it. She's my only sister, you know. I have seven other brothers but only one sister.

ICB: And you're very protective of her, aren't you?

TARYN: I'm almost eight years older than she. Her mother is my father's fourth wife and Anemoni was so young when Rebeka was born, she spent most of her time crying instead of tending to the baby. Rebeka was practically raised by our servant Mara. Father calls that old woman a godsend.

ICB: So when you found out about your father's plan, you were less than approving--

TARYN: I completely disapproved. And was just as disbelieving. I mean--killing the Governor? I became a warrior when I was eighteen and was in many battles against the Earthmen. How could a young girl do what we warriors had failed to do for thirty years? Father even ordered me to teach Rebeka how to use a knife. That was a disaster! She wasn't even strong enough to make a lethal stab wound. (looks angry) I remember Darius watching us and laughing. He'd been appointed her bodyguard by then and went everywhere with her. (sneers) Like a metal leech.

ICB: So you taught Rebeka what you could and went with her to Ulea and left her there to kill a man.

TARYN: It wasn't as cold-blooded as that, but--yes. I remember my first look at Philip Hamilcar. I was surprised he was so young, just a few years older than Rebeka. He had inherited the governor's mantle from his father. His mother was Astorii, as mine is, and we look a lot alike. I thought then that if he wasn't an Earthman, we might have been friends, but then--the look he gave Rebeka...

ICB: Not good?

TARYN: It was so hot it could've melted boulders off Mount Scar! I decided we were a little too alike! I may as well state plainly I like females. Perhaps a little too much. SO I recognized the signs in another man. I could see he wanted her, could barely wait to be alone with her, in fact, and we nearly came to blows when he told his guard to take her to his suite. (looks a little embarrassed) I protested too loudly, I'm afraid. Said a few things about his masculinity that could've ruined everything. He explained he only wanted to talk to her alone. I have to admit he was tactful, didn't respond to my insults at all, but... Well, I know what I would have wanted to do and it wouldn't be talk, so I assumed... You understand...a brother has a right to worry.

ICB: I think Rebeka is lucky to have such a loyal brother, Taryn.

TARYN: Thank you , Mistress Blackstone. Now, instead of putting me through more of an interrogation and further revealing what a loyal brother but a clumsy clod I am when it comes to my only sister, why don't you show that video-trailer thing you made?

ICB: Good idea! Here's a trailer of Earthman's Bride, being released this month by Lyrical Press. And thank you, Taryn for being here. And being so forthright.


  1. Mary Marvella // August 11, 2009 at 2:47 PM  

    Toni, you keep adding to my list of books I need to read. This one sounds like another winner.

    Congrats on your newest contract!

  2. Mary Ricksen // August 11, 2009 at 3:33 PM  

    We'll never be able to read them all. Could you slow down just a little? geez. I do hope it makes you proud of yourself as we at the PFS are proud of you.

  3. Scarlet Pumpernickel // August 11, 2009 at 6:43 PM  

    Great story Toni, I mean Icy! How many books do you now have in print?

  4. Nightingale // August 11, 2009 at 7:34 PM  

    I loved the interview and Taryn sounds like my kind of guy. The video trailer deserves an academy award!

  5. Toni V.S. // August 11, 2009 at 8:39 PM  

    I only have three books published, Scarlet: The Irish Lady's Spanish Lover, Jericho Road, and Earthman's Bride.

  6. Judy // August 11, 2009 at 9:26 PM  

    Interesting way to introduce us to all your special characters--major and otherwise. Always intriguing Congrats!

  7. Joanne // August 12, 2009 at 3:07 PM  

    Toni--Icy--you are a wonder. Clever way to introduce your characters.