Have you read any Jennifer Cruise? Sometimes I get into moods to read certain authors. Getting Rid of Stanley kept me laughing. Jenny's characters are real and flawed. Though the book was published in 1994, you'll love the dark and handsome cop with commitment issues and the heroine who has just signed her divorce papers. What happens when you try to fix a bad dye job, you know, from bleached blond to brown? That's just a small problem compared bullets flying and explosions.

Jennifer Cruise and Bob Mayer have teamed up to write romantic suspense. Bob likes high body counts and Jenny loves the man/woman relationships. In Agnes and the Hit Man, a hit man tries to protect a chef with anger issues. Both add to the body count. This is their second book together. Don't Look Down was their first.

Now I'm finishing a Rebecca York werewolf book, NEW MOON. Other books in the werewolf series include SHADOW OF THE MOON, CRIMSON MOON, WITCHING MOON, EDGE OF THE MOON, AND KILLING MOON. Those Marshall men can almost make me believe a woman can love a man who chases his food and eats it fresh and raw! These brothers and cousins shape shift and become wolves and marry women with powers and talents of their own. Page turning books!


  1. Nightingale // March 27, 2008 at 9:53 PM  

    I read a book "Whale Song" from a Canadian author Cheryl Tardiff who left me a review. I didn't expect to be impressed when the story opened in a 12 year old girl's POV. I was enchanted.

    I like the stuff the PFS writes.

    Don't get much reading time. I like Stephanie Myers even though I'm way past YA.

    I love books about the English Civil War and the Restoration. Here Cudos to Pam's On Silent Wings.

  2. Mary Marvella // March 27, 2008 at 11:58 PM  

    Sometimes books that seem young adult speak to the adults, like Twilight did for everyone I know who read it. The author wasn't a teenager but she did get into the teen POV well.