Just wait 'til I'm grown up!

Posted by Mary Marvella | 8:26 PM | 3 comments »

Just wait 'til I'm grown up!

How many times have you heard a kid say that? I know you never said it. It usually follows a time when an adult gives an order, sets rules, or lays down punishment. Many youngsters believe they'll have control of their lives when they're adults. (Little do they know .) They won't need to follow instructions they don't like. Of course young people believe they're grown well before they want to take responsibilities. They want the privileges though.

How many times have you tried to tell a child he'll have more rules to follow as grownup than he can imagine? "School is a picnic compared to the world of work." I said that often. "Yeah, just wait. You'll see."

We all know we'll be able to do anything we want to do when we find success.

Most of us on this loop have said the same thing about writing. Wait 'til I'm published. Wait 'til I'm rich and famous. You know you thought it, even if you didn't say it.

No synopses writing for me.
No more rejections
I'll be able to write what I want to write.
No editors will tell me how to write my story.

I'm thinking about those things as I revise a manuscript to submit.

Will I always have to please an editor? I've heard the answer is yes.
Do multi-published writers have to submit proposals? (Synopses) Yes?
Will I get rejections on those proposals? I've heard that was a yes, too.
Will editors tell me to make changes? Please tell me that one is a no.

Let's hear your comments about the freedom of being an adult. No rules, right? You can be your own boss, can't you? No one tells you what to do or how to do it.


  1. Beth Trissel // February 17, 2008 at 11:27 AM  

    Good post, Mary. I think we can march to our own drums as much as we like, assuming at times we are willing to march alone. :)

  2. Mary Marvella // February 17, 2008 at 4:41 PM  

    Thanks,I know several of us marching along. Drums? You mean they're not in my head?

    Ah, when I grow up, if I decide I want to.

  3. Helen Scott Taylor // February 18, 2008 at 4:25 AM  

    Mary, I haven't thought about this in a while, but you are so right. I run my own business, so I don't have a boss telling me what to do, but all the Goverment rules and regulations tie us up in knots. And don't get me started on Tax!

    Oh to go back to University and have the benefits of being nearly adult, but none of the responsibilities!