I did it! Years of post pregnancy yo-yo dieting is no more. I finally deduced what I needed to do to spur my metabolism to reset every time I hit a dieting plateau. Eat carbohydrates for a few days. Not chips and cookies and ice cream. Well, a few. But mainly fruit, much missed breads and whole wheat pasta at the Olive Garden.

I can lose weight on a low carbohydrate diet for about three weeks. Then I go up a pound and get stuck. If I’m sure I’m really stuck (the scale won’t budge down for two weeks), then I take a mini-carb holiday and go right back on induction (Dr. Atkins term for limiting your carboydrate intake to less than 20 per day).

I then lose the two to three pounds I gained from the plateau and eating carbs; and more weight effortlessly drops off afterward.

I began this diet at 155 pounds, squeezed into a size 14 on March 5, 2007. I took most of the summer off, I wanted to enjoy myself. Then I began again in late August. On November 5, 2007, exactly 8 months from the day I began, I was 30 pounds lighter! I’ve returned to a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index) for my 5′ tall frame. I now weigh 125 pounds and am comfortable in a size 6. I never thought this could happen again. I’m 44 years old. I even feel ten years younger. I’m trotting down the steps. Sitting Indian style. Setting my librarian glasses aside and wearing contacts more often. And buying a whole new wardrobe from QVC.

Did I work out compulsively like the folks on The Biggest Loser? Absolutely not! I did walk an awful lot the first few months. I wanted to get into better shape to do Disneyworld. But since August, my only deliberate form of exercising has been my daily housework. Yes, I do a lot. But what else would I fill my days with while the kids and hubby aren’t around? Napping on the sofa. Playing solitaire. Surfing the web. It feels fabulous, fairytale-ish to be thin and have a clean, welcoming home.

I do take daily nutritional supplements. The Nature’s Code Vitamin System from QVC plus the Nature’s Code Fish Oil. I swallow seven pills every morning. It is not a weight loss product. It is just a good all-around vitamin and mineral supplement. I took the list of ingredients to my nurse practitioner before I began and she approved it wholeheartedly. I feel like I have more energy when I’m on them, and I’m sleeping better. With the exception of two weeks when I had run out, I have not had so much as a cold. I feel they are enhancing my immune system.

If I can lose thirty pounds in eight months, think what you can do!

Oh, I highly recommend the free Diet Tracker module from My Yahoo. Once you set it up, don’t ever delete it! I’m so glad I kept mine:

Edit your Diet Tracker
To start, enter your start and goal weights and the dates of your diet. Then, come back and enter your weigh-in dates and weight to see your progress. Be sure to click Finished when you’re done.
Date Weight Add/Delete

11/03/07 125 [Delete]
10/30/07 126 [Delete]
10/27/07 127 [Delete]
10/21/07 129 [Delete]
10/20/07 130 [Delete]
10/19/07 132 [Delete]
10/18/07 133 [Delete]
10/10/07 130 [Delete]
10/09/07 131 [Delete]
10/08/07 132 [Delete]
10/01/07 129 [Delete]
09/30/07 130 [Delete]
09/28/07 131 [Delete]
09/27/07 132 [Delete]
09/26/07 135 [Delete]
09/15/07 131 [Delete]
09/13/07 133 [Delete]
09/11/07 134 [Delete]
09/05/07 135 [Delete]
09/03/07 136 [Delete]
09/01/07 137 [Delete]
08/31/07 138 [Delete]
08/30/07 139 [Delete]
08/28/07 140 [Delete]
08/27/07 143 [Delete]
08/01/07 141 [Delete]
07/31/07 143 [Delete]
06/02/07 137 [Delete]
06/01/07 138 [Delete]
05/25/07 140 [Delete]
03/26/07 142 [Delete]
03/25/07 144 [Delete]
03/20/07 145 [Delete]
03/18/07 146 [Delete]
03/17/07 147 [Delete]
03/11/07 148 [Delete]
03/10/07 149 [Delete]
03/09/07 150 [Delete]
03/08/07 151 [Delete]
03/07/07 152 [Delete]
03/05/07 155 Start Weight

©2007 Sherry Morris

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  1. Mary Marvella // December 24, 2007 at 12:08 AM  

    What an inspiration you are. Maybe I'll borrow a page from your book in January.

  2. Anonymous // December 30, 2007 at 12:17 PM  

    Hmm, maybe I can start losing that 40 pounds of blubber I gained writing my first book. It just didn't seem like so many Martins potato chips at the time...