They rode several hours, stopping long enough for the men to eat, water their horses, and offer the women food, which Yolanda and Valentina refused. The knights unbound the women’s wrists and allowed them ten minutes of privacy to relieve themselves.
With a dazed glance, Yolanda molded herself to Valentina, yet did not speak.

“Are you hurt?” Valentina whispered to her sister. “Did Sir Geoffrey strike you?”
Yolanda’s horrifically widened eyes stared unseeingly past Valentina. “Nay.” She frantically attempted to straighten the seams of her gown.
“Let me.” Valentina gave up her cloak and wrapped it snugly around her sister.
Yolanda trusted her, looked up to her. She relied on Valentina to take control.
It was up to Valentina. Just Valentina. And there was nothing she could do. Except to try and try until she succeeded.
“I will protect you. I will be brave enough for both of us.” Valentina glanced at Sir Geoffrey’s back, keeping her voice low. “The knights are waiting. Do not worry. I will find a way to escape.”

Yolanda nodded as if she were a forlorn child, dependent on Valentina to save them.


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    Joanne, I love stories with knights.