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Do you believe in dreams?  Not, dreams, or daydreams,  about the goals you hope to reach eventually, but real night dreams you are deep asleep.

You may remember your dreams when you wake up. You may totally forget them. Or you may just have a certain feeling about your dream.
Exhausted grandma sleeping while baby is wide-awake

I don’t dream every night or if I do I don’t always remember the dream. However when I wake up in the morning sometimes I have a premonition that my dream will come true. This type of sensitivity to dreams has scared the hell out of me when I became aware of it.

When I was in high school and later in college, I studied very hard. With all the material cluttering my mind I often dreamed about exam questions. The strange thing was that more often than not the questions I dreamed about were on the exam sheet. My classmates got into the habit of insisting I tell them what questions I dreamed of on the exam days and immediately went to brush up on the subject one last time.

Years ago, I dreamed of my great-grandmother who died a month before my wedding. In my dream, she was lying in bed, holding a sheet of paper and calling names. The first name she called was that of my dad, and then one of my uncles and then another. The terrible thing is that my father and uncles died in the order she called them.

Another time when my son was engaged, I had a dream five months before the wedding. In my dream, his fiancée was standing at the altar and wearing a lovely wedding dress, but she took it off and threw it on the floor. A week later, my son called to say his fiancée broke their engagement.

I can tell you many similar stories. I was in China, I dreamed that my mother was sick. I tried to call her, call my sister and email my friends. I finally learned that Mom was in the hospital.

Not all my dreams are about tragedies or death. When my daughter was pregnant, I dreamed she had a blonde baby girl with blue eyes. And she did.

I can’t explain why my dreams come true. Is that considered paranormal?
Sometimes, I am afraid to sleep because I am afraid of my own dreams. I can’t write paranormal stories. Paranormal in books is one thing, but in real life?

Does it happen to you? Did your dream ever come true?

How do you feel when you read or write paranormal romances?


  1. Mary Ricksen // September 20, 2014 at 7:00 PM  

    Your dream is right there in your arms. Part of a wonderful family and loads of love...

  2. Josie // September 21, 2014 at 9:12 PM  

    So true, Mary. And Mona, love that picture!