A Balanced Life

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I just returned from the Ancient City Romance Author’s Conference in St. Augustine, Florida. Had a fabulous time! I’m supercharged again and ready to move forward with my writing goals.

But, first I have a question for myself.

How do I remain focused on my publishing goals and still enjoy the other things that give meaning to my life? In order words, how do I achieve balance? I desire a successful writing career and am willing to work hard to achieve it, but I need more than just the high of finishing a book.

Inside, I cringe whenever I hear authors comment that they don’t have time to do anything but write. I enjoy watching television. It relaxes me. Without it I feel like I’m on a restrictive diet. Eventually, the craving demands to be fed. And whether it’s food or TV, the results are the same. Instead of a gluttonous feast of chocolate cake or butter pecan ice cream, I spend hours sitting in front of a television screen when I should be writing.  This leads to guilt.

So how do I find balance?

I plan my day. I write first thing in the morning until about one p.m., and then take care of personal tasks like bill paying, exercising, and phone calls in the afternoon. Early evening is dedicated to preparing dinner and house cleaning. After dining with my husband, I watch a few hours of television. I often write on Saturday. Sunday is dedicated to my spiritual needs. This type of schedule works for me. It brings inner peace. Without calmness, I struggle to write or do anything well.

If working on your writing dreams is enough for you, that’s great. You’re doing what you love. If not, carve out a little time, even if it’s only an hour a week to do something else that brings you joy. In return, life will reward you with not only peace, but an abundance of creativity.  



  1. Mona Risk // September 30, 2014 at 10:05 AM  

    There is no balanced life when I write. I give it my 101%. I live and breathe in my stories. I look straight at you but I don't see you. I see my hero and heroine. That is the life of a published author. LOL

  2. Mary Marvella // October 1, 2014 at 1:16 AM  

    Pam and Scarlet (Melba) helped me prime my writing pump over the weekend. Now I am back to tutoring, editing, and trying to keep up with blogging and promoting. Oh, for time to just sit and write!