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Are we truly thankful? Depends on which day and which minute for me.

Some days I'm ready to bang my head against a wall. I want to whine about the cost of replacing my roof and the woodwork that has bowed or rotted, along with rusted out gutters. The job is costing way more than I expected it to and is taking longer than predicted. BUT I do have a house.

Age has added a few aches and pains I deal with. some friends have more pains and my daughter is dealing with severe arthritis pain. My sister has been in pain for more than twenty years. I can't really complain because I have relatively good health.

I have friends, see above. I thank God for them. Several have even battled cancer and won.

My parents are both gone and I miss them. However, I do have a brother and sister, and a sister-in-law who is a real keeper.

Back to my daughter. She has a wonderful husband who understands her problems and helps her. If I made a list of qualities I'd want in a son or a husband, he has all of them. She is a partner with her dad in their photography studio. She has worked hard since she turned fifteen and wanted a car and spending money. She worked through high school and college. At this point in her life she really couldn't hold down a nine-to-five job, but with the studio she can work around her problems. I'm thankful she has a good husband, good health insurance and me as her mother. ( Couldn't resist that one.)

I'm spending Thanksgiving at my daughter's house, dog-sitting my grand-dogs. such adorable boys they are, and they adore their granny, moi. Yesterday I had Thanksgiving dinner with my brother and sister and my treasure of a sister-in-law prepared dinner and sent us home with leftovers.

I've worked at writing to sell for many years but, hey, I'm using a laptop I bought. I'd never have finished the first novel if I'd had to depend on a typewriter.

I won't continue with my list tonight.

Are you thankful and for what?

I will do my health and beauty thing later.


  1. Beth Trissel // November 24, 2007 at 8:11 AM  

    Lovely post, Mary, and the dogs are darling! The pic alone is a day brightener. I have a houseful this Thanksgiving and am very thankful for my family.

  2. Mary Marvella // November 24, 2007 at 9:43 PM  

    Thanks, Beth. I couldn't believe I got the picture up.

    My holidays are much smaller since my parents' deaths. Things become more complicated when our kids marry and must share holidays with in-laws.

    My blessings still make a long list.