“Sherry Morris has written an easy reading short story that you’ll enjoy. Christina’s Fear is a book that will let all those who are afraid of swimming understandably nod their heads.” Euro-Reviews

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Excerpt from Christina’s Fear

The first short story written by Sherry Morris

Summer, 1978

Christina lay on her back in the freshly mowed fescue surrounding the historic house. She happily inhaled the scent of cut grass. Her attention fixated across the river at the sunset. Slowly moving her eyes up through the clouds, she saw the color of a ripe peach, evolving into hot pink, then light aquamarine, and finally dark crayon blue.

Delaine immediately headed to the pool. “Come on, Chrissy! The water is so warm! Jump in!”

The teenager rolled over and put her hands under her chin. She laughed at Delaine goofing around in the water, watching her handstands and bubble blowing.

“I don’t know how to swim. You have fun and I’ll watch you.”

Christina opened her Tiger Beat magazine and flipped past the Leif Garrett dream date contest, Noxzema ad, and Bay City Rollers news. She creased the magazine open at the Andy Gibb photo spread and dramatically sighed. His peach vest and pants looked softer than the sunset.

“Come on, Chrissy! You’re missing out on all the fun!”

Christina removed her shoes and socks. She gingerly stuck her toes in and delightedly kicked her legs in the heavily chlorinated water. She knew they really shouldn’t be swimming with out any adults present. Not that Christina was going to swim, but still, she felt like they were taking a stupid chance.

Delaine swam over. “Jump in!”

“No, I’ll watch you. I can’t swim.”

Delaine grabbed her hand. “Yeah, right, Chrissy.” She yanked her into the water.

Disoriented, Christina found herself standing on the bottom of the pool. Desperately climbing, she somehow managed to propel herself up to the surface and grabbed onto Delaine’s head. Delaine immediately pushed her off. Down, down, down Christina sank.

Her thoughts muddled. She knew better than to go near water with no lifeguard. Maybe Mr. Charles would come home early. Maybe Andy Gibb would jump in and save her. He was a champion swimmer in Australia. She had read that about him last month.

Flailing to the surface the second time, she grabbed wildly for Delaine. When she found her, Christina shoved Delaine underwater again, as she tried to climb onto her back. Delaine threw her off. Down, down, down Christina sank.

©2006-2007 Sherry Morris

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