Here is another excerpt from my American Title finalist story The Magic Knot.

After setting the computer in Niall’s room to standby, Rose tucked the notebook beneath her arm, then picked up his small wooden box to return it to the windowsill. Tingles ran across her skin from the box. She blinked, trying to clear her mind as drowsiness tugged down her eyelids. A dreamy sensation fluttered through her mind, whispering of secrets and dark delights.

She must put the box down. And she would in a minute, when she could summon the strength to place it back on… A wave of heat shimmered up through her body. Oh, God. She dropped back onto the seat. What on earth did Niall keep in the box? With trembling fingers, she eased up the lid.

Rose’s breath caught. Three small linked circles of pale stone nestled in black velvet. The strange jewelry was similar to the piece her mother gave her when she was a child. She touched her chest and felt the earthy brown stones she always wore underneath her blouse. Her mother told her never to take the stone pendent off. Obviously, nobody gave Niall the same advice.

“Niall.” Her voice quivered on his name. The urge to touch his stones filled her with sharp, achy longing. “Get a grip, woman.” Rose tried to drag her gaze away.

She blinked and shook her head. How long had she been in the room?

All she had to do was close the lid and place the box back on the windowsill. Her fingertip slipped into the box, grazed across the top stone. Everything smoothed out inside her, worries drifted away. Between her breasts, the stone pendent she’d worn against her heart all her life resonated with the elemental beat of the stones beneath her fingers. Her eyelids lowered, and she toppled down, down into a place of dark, hazy pleasure.

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  1. Sandra Cox // September 29, 2007 at 8:41 AM  

    Helen,That is such an excellent pic or should I say pecs. G

  2. Nightingale // September 30, 2007 at 12:45 PM  

    Wow. Where did you get the pix of the hot guy? I'd like to add images to my web page but I'm worried about copyright.

    Now that I can breathe again. I'm hooked on the story!