My paranormal romance The Magic Knot is one of the ten stories chosen by the editors of Dorchester Publishing to be in the final of the fourth American Title contest.

Book Blurb
When Rose discovers she is the Cornish fairy queen and her father is a dark druid who has imprisoned her people in portraits, the race is on to discover the fairy lore needed to release her people before her father destroys them forever.

She seeks help from the sinfully sexy Irish fairy twins, the O’Connor brothers. Niall’s faint air of menace flutters dark thrills of anticipation through her, but does he want to kiss her or kill her when she accidentally touches his Magic Knot and forges a mystical lovers’ bond with him?

With the survival of the Cornish fairies in her hands, Rose must escape from a vampiric, winged fairy, outwit The Queen of Nightmares and surrender her mind, body and spirit to Niall to release her hidden inner fairy. The Tarot cards warn he will stab her in the back, but when she’s in his arms, the last thing on her mind is death.

If you like the sound of my story I would love your vote in the contest. The first round runs from October 15th to 28th at
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  1. Liz Jasper // October 15, 2007 at 5:24 PM  

    Well, I love the blurb and I've loved all the excerpts you've posted so far, so I can only assume I'd love the rest of the book. : )

    What a surprise--I thought your first line was excellent. Got my vote!! I can only hope you post the rest of the page at some point so I can read it. Not sure I'm willing to wait until the book comes out.

    Good luck in AT!!

  2. Patrice // February 18, 2010 at 3:13 PM  

    Helen, you have a vivid imagination! How exciting for you that Dorchester has picked THE MAGIC knot for a finalist. Very best wishes, indeed.