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I have six cats. It didn't start that way. I had one cat for years and he and I were happy with the status quo. Then I got into rescue and my numbers grew. I took Belle from a local shelter with every intention of adopting her out. And if she'd had interest shown in her soon enough, I would have done exactly that, but by the time the apps started coming in my goose was cooked. She had wormed her way into my heart and there was no going back.
Belle harasses the other cats mercilessly but she's smart enough to suck up to her human mom. She gives me kisses everyday by rubbing her face against mine and when she talks she chirps like a cricket. At night she curls up and sleeps in the curve of my arm. Belle has been with me for two years now and I'm looking forward to having her for many more.
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  1. Beth Trissel // October 26, 2007 at 8:39 AM  

    For better or worse--one of my cats woke me up banging on my door this morning--cats are an essential part of my world too. We have also rescused many felines and bottle fed the wee ones. Living on a farm brings many cats to our door. I currently have three indoors and of those, two are rescues. Minne Mae, the door banger, was the minute offspring of a deceased mother. I raised her and brother Chester, found him a home. Meant to find Minnie one too but...