Today is the final day of voting in the first round of Romantic Times and Dorchester Publishing's American Title Contest.

Here is a short excerpt from my story The Magic Knot, one of the ten finalists. If you like the excerpt, I'd love your vote!
Chapter One

Roughly translated, the slogan on Niall O’Connor’s family crest read: ‘We need all the help the gods can give us.’ As usual, he expected the gods would decide he could cope on his own.

He cut his motorcycle engine, then stared at the sky behind the druid’s rambling granite manor house that perched on the Cornish cliffs. The setting sun cast a fiery line along the horizon between the sky and steely Atlantic Ocean. Stacks of clouds rolled and billowed, bruised purple by the brewing storm.

The air elementals were disturbed. Niall gave a wry smile. Just for a change he could expect trouble.

While he removed his helmet, Trevelion Manor’s front door creaked open.

Tall and dark as a twilight shadow, Nightshade, the vampiric fairy that worked for the druid, emerged and spread his wings to block the doorway. The fading light gleamed off the soft sheen of oil varnishing his sculpted chest muscles. He hooked his thumbs in the loops of his jeans and grinned. “Hello, Irish. Wish I could say it’s a pleasure to see you.”

Clenching his fists as he walked, Niall felt the reassuring pressure of the crystal blades strapped to his wrists. Nightshade was usually all talk, but lately there had been a hint of desperation in the nightstalker’s eyes.

Niall halted a few feet from the door and patted the pocket of his leather flight jacket containing the check. “I’m after talking business with Tristan. You going to let me in?”

The vampiric fairy curled his top lip revealing needle sharp fangs, then leaned closer, his black hair slithering across Niall’s arm. “You smell good, Irish. I’ve a hankering for Tuatha Dé Danaan with a seasoning of leprechaun.”

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  1. Beth Trissel // November 4, 2007 at 8:31 AM  

    OK, this story is great. It has to get published soon! It simply must.