His warning expression silenced her. “In repayment for reading my fortune, I will guarantee your safety and comfort on my estate.”

Unable to stop herself, she blurted, “Can you guarantee my safety, and my sister’s safety, from your knights and you?”

His mouth quirked. “When you cooperate.” He rolled up the stark white sleeves of his shirt, revealing the solid strength of his arms. He had a rugged, handsome face, his features perfect. His gaze was steadfast and single-minded.

“You don’t understand. We are only safe from the mulo if you let us go. Displeased spirits will haunt us because my mother did not receive a proper burial.”

“You are needed here. Mayhap, when times are safer, you can return to your tribe.”


“When the sickness has passed.”

Weary of any argument that she couldn’t win, Valentina sighed. “Let me see your hands.”
He set both hands on the table, and she bent her head to examine them. His hands were strong and firm.

“Does it matter which hand to get an accurate reading? Right or left? Or both?” he asked.

His nearness created a disconcerting tingle in her chest, bubbling and burning. The heat emanated from his body and melted on her skin.


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