I'm thrilled to announce that SUNRISE IN A GARDEN OF LOVE AND EVIL, the first in the Bayou Gavotte series, is a romance pick for Panera Bread's summer reads.

I'm a huge fan of Panera Bread! I buy bread and pastries there. I adore their Greek salad and asiago roast beef sandwich. Panera is my first choice for lunches when traveling. It was my first choice for lunches at home, too, when I worked in an office. I was so, so sad when a Panera in a nearby mall was closed...sniff.

Anyway -- Amazon Kindle and Panera Bread are offering Sunrise in a Garden of Love and Evil for only $1.99 for the month of July. Here's the link to get there:  http://mypanera.panerabread.com/community/bookclub/

Dark secrets abound in the town of Bayou Gavotte, Louisiana, from blackmail to fetish clubs to murder, and when blood-and-love starved vampire Ophelia Beliveau calls in the police to scare away whoever is desecrating her garden, Detective Gideon O'Toole unearths more than he ever dreamed...

In other great news, the cover, blurb, and buy links for Heart of Constantine in both Kindle and paperback are up now at Amazon.com. The Kindle version is only $2.99 and the paperback is on special for $7.77 right now. The release date is September 10th.

This is the third book in the Bayou Gavotte series and the closest I come to a book of my heart -- mostly because I started it eons ago and wrote so many different versions that when revising it a few months ago, I had no idea which scenes I had chucked and which I had kept. It was like rediscovering an old, much-loved story. I wrote the first versions of it before writing Sunrise in a Garden of Love and Evil and Tastes of Love and Evil, and the character and story of Constantine changed gradually over the years.

Vigilante Native American rock star Constantine Dufray has hit rock bottom. His telepathic abilities have spun out of control, and destructive rumors about him run rampant. Some are true—he caused a violent cop’s suicide, and telepathy destroyed his marriage—but he didn’t poison his wife, and he couldn’t have caused riots at his concerts, killing his fans . . . or could he have? Now an unknown enemy is trying to frame him for rape and murder.

Aura reader Marguerite McHugh finally gets a close encounter with the mysterious star, but it’s nothing like she expected. When Constantine finds her after she’s been drugged at one of his shows, Marguerite is pulled into his quest for the truth. As danger mounts and murders pile up, Constantine and Marguerite are forced into an ever-more intimate relationship. Only by facing their fears and working together can they unmask the killer before more innocent people die.


  1. Mary Marvella // July 11, 2013 at 9:21 PM  

    Exciting news, Barbara! I enjoy Panera, too! My CPs meet at one and love the atmosphere. I know their readers are in for a treat! You are just full of news!

  2. Mary Ricksen // July 12, 2013 at 1:05 PM  

    That's terrific! I really hope the recognition triples your sales sweetie!

  3. Barbara Monajem // July 12, 2013 at 2:24 PM  

    Hi, Mary M -- I'd forgotten that you-all meet at a Panera! :)

    Hi, Mary R -- Thanks for the good wishes. :)